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XWA War on the Shore VIII - Saturday May 12 2012

Victor Is God

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XWA WAR ON THE SHORE VIII - THIS SATURDAY, May 12 at The Hexagon, Lancaster and Morecambe College, Morecambe Road





'Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere (champion) vs 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx (challenger)


'RockStar' Spud vs Dave Rayne vs 'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz vs El Ligero vs Joey Hayes vs Jynkz



Sam Slam vs Colossus



Rival promoters Greg Lambert and Johnnie Brannigan will meet in the ring for a frank exchange of views!



'The Grappler' Jack Gallagher vs Craig Kollins


Declan O'Connor vs 'Textbook' Dave Breaks


THE HORSE'S MOUTH interview show with your host, STALLION and his special guests THE BLACKPOOL BLONDS


THE TAG TEAM DEBUT of 2Dimension




And much more!


Doors 7pm, bell time 7.30pm.

Tickets available from www.xwawrestling.com , 01524 582808, in person from Morecambe Visitor Information Centre, The Platform buildings, Morecambe promenade, or on the door. They are priced

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Monday, 02 April 2012 21:30


XWA Wrestling is delighted to announce that we have a new venue! XWA War on the Shore VIII will emanate from The Hexagon, Lancaster and Morecambe College on Saturday, May 12! And the main event will be quite simply, the Biggest Match in British Wrestling This Year! It's PHERE vs STIXX...


Johnny Phere vs Stixx. The Unstoppable Champion vs The Unbeatable Challenger. The Psychotic Warrior vs The Stixx Streak. A man who will walk through brick walls to keep the British Heavyweight Championship against a man who wants to win it more than life itself and who hasn't lost in FOUR YEARS.


Who is going to win?


Buy your tickets to XWA War on the Shore VIII: Phere vs Stixx to find out.


They are available by calling 01524 582808, from www.xwawrestling.com or by visiting Morecambe Visitor Information Centre in the Platform buildings, Morecabe promenade. They are priced

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 06:51


A mouthwatering match has been signed to determine the next number one contender to the XWA British Heavyweight Title. At XWA War on the Shore VIII on Saturday May 12, appropriately at The Hexagon, there will be a Hexagon Match where Six of the Best will battle for a shot at the gold...


In a Hexagon match, there will be six men thrown together under elimination rules. Two men will start in the ring, the four other competitors will start on the ring apron, and can be tagged in and out. Eliminations can occur by pinfall, submission, countout or disqualification until only one man remains. That man will receive a shot at the biggest prize in British Wrestling today, the beautiful "Big Orange" XWA British Heavyweight Championship belt!


So who have been selected as the top six contenders, the Six of the Best, to participate in this Hexagon match? They are:


JOEY HAYES - This is only the second Hexagon match in XWA history. In the first one, four years ago at XWA Best of the North West, Joey Hayes was the winner, outlasting Dirk Feelgood, Damon Leigh, Simon Valour, CJ Banks and the great Robbie Brookside. But while Joey was the winner that night, the popular Mancunian is earning a reputation as "always the bridesmaid, never the bride". This is his ninth year of competition in the Morecambe rings. In all that time, he has never won the British Heavyweight Title. In fact, he has never even managed to earn a shot at the British Heavyweight Title. Twice he's been the Goldrush runner-up, including in agonising circumstances back in February when he made the final two and fought tooth and nail with Stixx for over seven minutes, only to be thrown out at the end. The Hexagon match will be another chance for Joey to lose the "nearly man" tag once and for all.


NATHAN CRUZ - When you talk about a "nearly man", that phrase is exactly how Nathan Cruz perceives himself and his career in the XWA. Cruz entered the XWA bragging that he was the hottest new star in the business, here to dominate and steal the show every night. But after an impressive debut victory over Joey Hayes at Vendetta 2010, things haven't gone to plan. Cruz NEARLY ended the career of The RockStar Spud. He NEARLY won the 2011 Goldrush. He NEARLY won the six-man Power Game match at LastFight 2011. And he NEARLY beat Johnny Phere for the XWA Title at Goldrush 2012...but each time he came up short. Frustrated, the egomaniacal Nathan laid out both Stixx and Joey Hayes with brutal chair shots near the end of the Goldrush match, in a desperate and frustrated attempt to get the spotlight on him and steal the show. But once again, he didn't quite get the job done. Having paid the hefty fine for his actions at Goldrush, Cruz now gets another chance to also shed the "nearly man" tag and live up to his lofty boasts.


JYNKZ - The most talked about new superstar in the XWA is the Warpainted Wonder, The Flying Scot from Morecambe and the man who holds both the XWA British Flyweight and the XWA Best of the North West Championships...Jynkz. The popular young daredevil is on an absolute roll at the moment having beaten the man many call the best wrestler in the UK today, El Ligero, to earn his second championship at Goldrush. Now this supreme talent is hungry to do what nobody else has EVER done in XWA history, and that's win the Grand Slam. If Jynkz can win at War on the Shore and go on to lift the XWA British Heavyweight Championship, he will earn his place in the annals of British Wrestling. But, has he physically and mentally recovered from the brutal beatdown he and his brother suffered at the hands of the thugs from GPW following his title win at Goldrush?


EL LIGERO - Nobody deserves a chance to earn a shot at the XWA British Heavyweight Title more than The Mexican Sensation. Ligero has warred in the Morecambe rings for eight long years. He is a mainstay of the promotion, a man who has competed against just about everybody in the company in that time including Johnny Phere, Stixx, Sam Slam, RockStar Spud, RJ Singh, Jack Gallagher and Alex Shane. The UK Luchador is a former three-time XWA British Flyweight Champion but now wants the biggest prize of all in order to cement his legacy as a true all-time great.


DAVE RAYNE - The self-professed "greatest XWA Champion EVER!" may be deluded, because he only held the championship for a few hours in October when he was hand-picked to hold the belt by The Authority, but there is no doubting that Dave Rayne is a dangerous and resourceful individual. The arrogant womaniser from Deansgate, Manchester proved this when he lasted for the longest time out of all the competitors in the 2012 Goldrush. He proved it again when he somehow got his hand raised in victory against the dominant 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey at XWA Breakout. Rayne also has the beautiful but deadly Serenity in his corner, a definite distraction for all the other combatants in the Hexagon Match. Do not count Dave Rayne out, under any circumstances.


ROCKSTAR SPUD- The most unlikely hero of the XWA crowd is on a path towards championship gold once again. Having earned his spot in the Hexagon Match with a hard-fought victory over 'Bollywood Dream' RJ Singh at the showcase BritWres-Fest event in London last weekend, The RockStar has vowed that he will outlast his five opponents and earn a shot at the XWA Championship he first held from September 2009 to April 2010, when he also became the first and only man to hold the XWA Heavyweight and Flyweight belts at the same time. Spud received an incredible ovation from the XWA crowd at Goldrush and it's possible he will be the audience's sentimental favourite...yes, even more so than Joey Hayes, El Ligero and Jynkz...at XWA War on the Shore VIII.


XWA WRESTLING presents XWA WAR ON THE SHORE VIII:HEXAGON MATCH - Hayes vs Cruz vz Jynkz vs Ligero vs Rayne vs Spud on Saturday, May 12 at The Hexagon, Lancaster and Morecambe College (doors 7pm). Tickets available from www.xwawrestling.com and Morecambe Visitor Information Centre.

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VIDEO: GPW message to XWA and Greg Lambert


Wednesday, 04 April 2012 08:23


GPW wrestlers Ricky J McKenzie, Dylan Roberts and Ste Bin Mann have today released a video message to XWA Wrestling and XWA promoter Greg Lambert, following on from Greg's recent demand for a public, face to face apology from GPW promoter Johnnie Brannigan.


The video does contain an apology of sorts.


But it's not one the XWA, its fans or Greg are going to like.


Here is the link.


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I didn't go to the Hexagon show with Danielson on it (which I remember as being the day before the awesome Danielson vs. Zack Sabre Jr bout in Coventry for TXW/AMP), but was there was the very first one as part of the 'Battle of Britain' weekend.


That was the show where I hadn't realised it was an afternoon start.... so had booked to stay over in Morecambe that night.... so decided to go to the cinema on my spare evening.... so got the bus into Lancaster to go to the cinema... on which I lost my phone.... which some scally apparently then picked up.... and started sending abusive messages to everyone in my contacts list.... as well as various 'obscene' photos they took on the camera....


Stupid Morecambe.



Anyway... I remember it being a decent venue, virtually exactly halfway between Morecambe and Lancaster centres. With it being a college, there was no 'proper' bar inside, but they did sell cans of lager, beer, cider, etc from a stall during the show.


Good looking show; I should be there.

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Friday, 06 April 2012 07:57


A first for XWA Wrestling and for Morecambe is coming to XWA War on the Shore VIII when two warring monsters square off in a match where the winner will be the first to put the other through a table!


The war between Sam Slam and Colossus reached the point where this match simply had to happen when the two behemoths fought tooth and nail during the Goldrush match back in February. After both men were eliminated at the same time, their brawl continued at ringside, where the mighty Colossus picked up the 280lb Sam like he was nothing and choke slammed him straight through the commentators' table!


After the former XWA Champion Slam staggered to his feet, he was absolutely furious. The popular star raged around at ringside, hurling bits of broken table about in a fit of anger. In fact, some of Sam's most loyal fans took to the XWA Facebook group after witnessing their hero's actions, saying they had actually been frightened by Sam's demeanour. It was certainly a side of Sam Slam we have not seen during his five-year career in the XWA.


Sam now wants retribution and to prove that he can do to Colossus what was done to him at Goldrush. But Colossus believes that lightning can strike twice and that he, and not Sam Slam, is the strongest man in the XWA...and he will prove it by putting the former XWA co-owner through a table once again at War on the Shore!


Get your tickets to see this Monster Tables Match now from www.xwawrestling.com or from Morecambe Visitor Information Centre!

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Monday, 09 April 2012 09:54


The biggest breakout star of 2011 in British Wrestling will duel with the brash young talent who claims he is the biggest breakout star of 2012. It's 'The Grappler' vs 'The One Man Riot' at XWA War on the Shore VIII!


"Give me a name so I can make my own."


Those were the demanding words of 19-year-old sensation Craig Kollins prior to XWA Goldrush in a series of interviews released on the XWA YouTube channel. Despite having only one Breakout trainee show singles victory under his belt, the angry young man from Barrow-in-Furness not only wanted a match at XWA Goldrush, but he wanted to face not a fellow trainee, not a veteran journeyman, not an unknown nor an easy opponent, he wanted to fight somebody with a reputation. Maybe a former champion. A NAME.


The brooding and intense youngster made another lofty boast. He claimed he was set to be British Wrestling's Breakout star in 2012. Wrestling fans and insiders scoffed at Kollins. They didn't share his confidence and believed his words were false bravado.


But XWA promoter Greg Lambert knew differently. Mr Lambert had watched Kollins hone his skills and show off his devastating combination of aggressive power and explosive speed at week after week of XWA training sessions. He shared Craig's confidence and unleashed his diamond in the rough at Goldrush in February, against a former FutureShock Champion in 'Disco' Sam Bailey, a much more experienced opponent with bags of aerial skill and wrestling talent.


On the big stage, under massive pressure to live up to his bragging, did 'The One Man Riot' fold? Did he crumble? Did he hell. Kollins destroyed Bailey in three minutes, finishing him off with a brutal execution Riot Kick to the back of the skull. Afterwards, the dazed Bailey looked like he'd been run over by an express train.


Afterwards, the Morecambe fans were buzzing. They realised the XWA had unearthed a bright new star of the future.


Kollins then rolled on to XWA Breakout in March, where he proved he can also go toe-to-toe for 10 minutes and outlast a gutsy adversary with just as much hunger and prodigious talent as him, when he overpowered, brutalised and defeated the young Dean Allmark-trained mat wizard from All-Star Wrestling Sean Morris, after a classic back-and-forth encounter which observers said was easily the best match of the night. Morris was left with huge welts and bruises all over his back, a testimony to the beating Kollins had administered.


So now after three wins on the trot, each more impressive than the other, Craig Kollins moves on to XWA War on the Shore VIII - the biggest XWA event of the year. Once again, Lambert has scoured the UK wrestling rings to find a true test for his protege, maybe somebody who can not only give him all he can handle, but has the capability of soundly defeating him.


Step forward 'The Grappler' Jack Gallagher.


Gallagher's credentials are well-documented. Trained in the unforgiving Snake Pit gym in Wigan, 'The Grappler' is arguably the best wrestling technician in Great Britain today. Lauded in 2011 by none other than Ring of Honour champion Davey Richards as the breakout star of last year, the ultra serious technician's submission and mat wrestling skills are nonpareil. Gallagher is also extremely adept at suplexes, a manoeuvre for which Kollins himself has shown no mean aptitude. Last weekend at the showcase BritWres-Fest event in London, 'The Grappler' looked awesome as he twisted knots into another extremely capable grappler in Zack Diamond, before beating him clean by tap out. After watching this exceptional performance from the commentary box, Greg Lambert made his mind up that Gallagher was the ideal test for his rough diamond.


Gallagher will enter the match a strong favourite due to his mastery of the art of professional wrestling. But already, the brash Kollins has set his stall out with comments on line. "Everyone knows he can grapple, but can he FIGHT?" asked cocky Craig on his Facebook group. In response, Gallagher tweeted at his twitter account @GrappleDays "He does know this is a WRESTLING match, doesn't he?"


Both men have set their stalls out already and things are bound to get even more heated in the run-up to their match. Once again, Kollins has put himself under tremendous pressure by daring to be so disrespectful to a much more experienced opponent. He's just a rookie, a newcomer, surely he has no right to talk trash about someone of Gallagher's capabilities? But on Jack's part, while he has earned championships and plaudits in all four corners of the British Isles over the past year, he has never quite hit the same headlines in the XWA. While 'The Grappler' put forward a spirited challenge to the British Flyweight Championship against El Ligero at last year's Goldrush, he ultimately came up short. Then again, the gumshield-wearing wrestling machine has come on leaps and bounds in the 15 months since then.


Jack Gallagher vs Craig Kollins. It's a fascinating matchup of styles, and it could go so many different ways. Both men are capable of ending a match at any time. Gallagher's lethal array of submission holds, and his knowledge of how to force mistakes from an opponent, could be far too much for Kollins to handle at this stage of his fledgling career. But to a certain extent, Kollins is still an unknown quantity. Just what heights is he capable of reaching? The Barrow bruiser might just turn out to be too strong, too fast, and too devastating for ANYONE; reminiscent of a teenage Mike Tyson as he tore through the heavyweight boxing division in the mid-80s.


So while XWA War on the Shore VIII is the night of Phere vs Stixx: the Biggest Match in British Wrestling This Year, it might just be Jack Gallagher vs Craig Kollins that gets everybody talking!

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At XWA War on the Shore VIII the obnoxious loudmouth STALLION will host his own chat show THE HORSE'S MOUTH. His special guests will be his cronies Axl Rage and JD Sassoon - THE BLACKPOOL BLONDS! Aside from how on earth these three egos will fit into the ring, the question is...what will Blackpool's finest have to say for themselves following their crushing defeat to The Manchester Massive at Goldrush?

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