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Official SHIMMER 45-48 results/recap


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SHIMMER - WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Saturday & Sunday, March 17th & 18th, 2012. Volumes 45-48 of the DVD series were filmed over the course of the weekend. Here's what went down...



Saturday, March 17th



SPARKLE (pre-show)


1. DECEMBER defeated ANGELUS LAYNE with a handful of tights.





1. COURTNEY RUSH defeated RHIA O'REILLY with the Skyward Suplex (Olympic Slam).


In the locker room, ATHENA talked about the history between herself and MERCEDES MARTINEZ, including Martinez attacking her leg with a steel chair in their last match. Athena promised to prove herself by defeating Mercedes later in the show.




2. MENA LIBRA & MELANIE CRUISE defeated VEDA SCOTT & SHAZZA McKENZIE when Cruise pinned McKenzie following a top rope legdrop.


In the parking lot, NICOLE MATTHEWS explained that she attacked CHEERLEADER MELISSA after her title victory to get everyone's attention and put her in the position of getting a title shot, and it worked. At the end of the promo, SARAYA KNIGHT pulled Matthews aside and said she would make it worth her while to do more than just beat Melissa, and they walked off together.


3. SARA DEL REY defeated LEON with a powerbomb.


In the locker room, JESSIE McKAY and MIA YIM talked about how both have set their goals high, and would like to work their way into a SHIMMER title shot. They've agreed to have a "friendly match" later in the show to see which of them is most deserving of moving up in the ranks.


4. SARAYA KNIGHT defeated DAVINA ROSE via submission with the Knightmare (half crab variation).


In the locker room, AMBER GERTNER interviewed KELLIE SKATER. Kellie said she's sick of being taken as a joke, and with the added experience of her recent tour of Japan, she is prepared to take on anyone from any country, starting with the debuting Ray.


5. "Everybody's Favorite Girlfriend" JESSIE McKAY defeated MIA YIM with the Boyfriend Stealer.


A video message from former SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES was shown on the video screen. Madison talked about how she's sidelined with a knee injury, and doesn't know how long it will take to heal, but no matter how long it takes, she promised to someday be back in SHIMMER competition.




6. RAY defeated "Rate Tank" KELLIE SKATER with a twisting senton off the top rope.


In the locker room, AMBER GERTNER interviewed MERCEDES MARTINEZ about her upcoming match against ATHENA. When asked if perhaps Mercedes is realizing that Athena is now at her level, she dismissed the idea, and said Athena has one thing coming, and that's Martinez's fist in her face.


7. HAILEY HATRED & "The Oncoming Storm" KALAMITY defeated KANA & LUFISTO when Hatred pinned LuFisto with a running Lyger Bomb.


8. PORTIA PEREZ defeated CHRISTINA VON EERIE with a Superkick.


In the locker room, AMBER GERTNER interviewed SHIMMER Champion CHEERLEADER MELISSA. Though she gave Matthews credit for being an exceptional athlete, she couldn't believe Nicole would take the cheap route to getting a title shot by attacking her after she won the belt. Melissa said she would not let Matthews end her title reign that quickly.




9. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions AYUMI KURIHARA & AYAKO HAMADA defeated "Regeneration X" ALLISON DANGER & LEVA BATES when Hamada pinned Danger with the AP Cross (their 5th defense).


10. "The Wrestling Goddess" ATHENA defeated "Latina Sensation" MERCEDES MARTINEZ with the O-Face (top rope diving stunner).


11. SHIMMER Champion CHEERLEADER MELISSA defeated NICOLE MATTHEWS with the Air Raid Crash after attempted interference from PORTIA PEREZ backfired (her 1st defense). After the match, Perez attacked Melissa.





1. COURTNEY RUSH defeated SASSY STEPHIE (w/ Mademoiselle Rachelle) with the Skyward Suplex (Olympic Slam).


2. VEDA SCOTT defeated SARAYA KNIGHT via disqualification. Initially, Saraya was declared the winner of the match via submission with the Knightmare (half crab variation), but she refused to release the hold after the bell, prompting the referee to reverse the decision.


3. LUFISTO defeated THE NEW YORK KNOCKOUT with the Mangalizer (Shell Shock).


Standing in front of the Eagles Club, PORTIA PEREZ talked about her two year reign as a SHIMMER Tag Team Champion, and how tonight she would finally get her first shot at the SHIMMER Championship. As she finished her thoughts, SARAYA KNIGHT approached Portia and said she would her pay double the money she offered NICOLE MATTHEWS, if Portia would do what she asks. They then walked off together.




4. SARA DEL REY defeated LEVA BATES with the Royal Butterfly. Del Rey continued the attack after the match, prompting ALLISON DANGER to hit the ring to save Leva and also confront her former partner Del Rey. The two exchanged words, with Danger challenging Del Rey to find a partner to face Regeneration X in a tag team match.


5. RAY & LEON defeated MIA YIM & DAVINA ROSE when Leon pinned Davina following a top rope Swanton Bomb.


In the locker room, SARA DEL REY approached CHEERLEADER MELISSA about being her tag team partner since they broke into wrestling together. Melissa declined, saying her hands were tied due to being SHIMMER Champion. COURTNEY RUSH then offered to be her partner, but Sara was not interested.




6. "Rate Tank" KELLIE SKATER defeated KC SPINELLI with Skate and Destroy.


Backstage, SARA DEL REY asked NICOLE MATTHEWS if she would like to be her tag team partner. Matthews pointed out how she is already part of a tag team, but offered her good luck in finding someone. COURTNEY RUSH again rushed up to Del Rey and said the offer is still on the table to team with her. Del Rey told her "no."


7. "Everybody's Favorite Girlfriend" JESSIE McKAY defeated "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsCHIF with an inside cradle to become the next in line to challenge for the SHIMMER Championship.


8. NICOLE MATTHEWS defeated "The Wrestling Goddess" ATHENA with a modified Vancouver Maneuver with Athena's legs draped across the ropes.


9. "Latina Sensation" MERCEDES MARTINEZ defeated KANA with the Fisherman Buster.


In the parking lot, SARA DEL REY approached someone who appeared to be in the middle of texting on their phone, tapping them on the shoulder. It turned out to be LACEY. Del Rey asked, "How would you like to reclaim your wrestling glory by teaming with me?" Lacey laughed at the idea and said, "Wrestling? No thanks! Kinda busy!" and walked away. COURTNEY RUSH again came up to Sara and told her she needs someone who's going to take care of her, who knows what she needs. Rush then held a container of chewing gum in Sara's face and opened the top of it. Sara slowly reached into the container, saying "Yeeessss." Courtney jumped in excitement and told Sara she wouldn't regret it, and ran back into the Eagles Club. Sara quickly shouted "Yes to the gum!!" and threw the container on the pavement in frustration.


10. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions AYUMI KURIHARA & AYAKO HAMADA defeated HAILEY HATRED & "The Oncoming Storm" KALAMITY when Kurihara pinned Kalamity following the Uranage (their 6th defense).


11. SHIMMER Champion CHEERLEADER MELISSA defeated PORTIA PEREZ with the Air Raid Crash (her 2nd defense). After the match, NICOLE MATTHEWS joined Perez in beating down Melissa, until JESSIE McKAY hit the ring to run them off. Melissa was less than friendly with her next challenger McKay, telling Jessie that she doesn't trust anyone.



Sunday, March 18th



SPARKLE (pre-show)


1. NIKKI ST. JOHN defeated ANGELUS LAYNE with a running bulldog.





SERENA DEEB, who is currently on an indefinite hiatus from professional wrestling due to injury, welcomed the fans to the taping via a video screen message. You can view Serena's welcome video at the link below.




1. RHIA O'REILLY defeated TAYLOR MADE with the Rhiadjustment (double arm DDT).


2. "Rate Tank" KELLIE SKATER defeated VEDA SCOTT with Skate and Destroy.


3. "The Oncoming Storm" KALAMITY defeated KC SPINELLI with the Kalamityville Horror Driver.


4. LUFISTO & KANA defeated "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsCHIF & CHRISTINA VON EERIE when Kana trapped Von Eerie in the Kana Lock (crossface chicken wing).


In the parking lot, JESSIE McKAY talked about how it has been her goal to get another shot at the SHIMMER Championship, and in the main event she will get that opportunity. She faced CHEERLEADER MELISSA before, but that was early in her career, and she now feels she has the skills to earn the title. SARAYA KNIGHT approached McKay from behind, grabbing her by the hair and maniacally whispering in her ear as she yanked on Jessie's hair, telling her, "I want you to do something for me. And let me just warn you, if you don't do as I say, I'm going to rip your head off."




5. "The Wrestling Goddess" ATHENA defeated SASSY STEPHIE (w/ Mademoiselle Rachelle) with the O-Face (top rope diving stunner).


As SARA DEL REY was getting ready in the locker room, COURTNEY RUSH approached her to tell Sara how excited she was to team with her later in the show, and gave her coffee. Del Rey seemingly shut down both of Rush's ideas for team names, "Death Rush" and "Queens of Winning."




6. "The Canadian Ninjas" PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS defeated MIA YIM & DAVINA ROSE with the Funky Cold Medina (Superkick/German suplex combo) on Davina.


In the locker room, AMBER GERTNER interviewed CHEERLEADER MELISSA about her title defense against JESSIE McKAY. Melissa said that even though Jessie supposedly came to her rescue after the main event of the previous show, she doesn't trust her, because obviously she wants to take the title from her. When Amber mentioned SARAYA KNIGHT trying to intimidate McKay into following her orders, Melissa said she hopes Jessie is strong enough to be her own person.


7. SHAZZA McKENZIE defeated SARAYA KNIGHT via disqualification when Saraya applied the Knightmare (half crab variation), held the ropes for leverage, and refused to break by the referee's five count. After the decision, an out of control Saraya went on the war path, had to be restrained, and was then carried out of the building by several referees, staff, and male wrestlers.


8. SARA DEL REY & COURTNEY RUSH defeated "Regeneration X" ALLISON DANGER & LEVA BATES when Rush pinned Danger following the Skyward Suplex (Olympic Slam).


9. "Latina Sensation" MERCEDES MARTINEZ defeated HAILEY HATRED with the Fisherman Buster.


10. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions AYUMI KURIHARA & AYAKO HAMADA defeated RAY & LEON when Ayumi pinned Leon (their 7th defense). Many fans commented at the end of the weekend that this was one of their favorite bouts in SHIMMER company history.


11. SHIMMER Champion CHEERLEADER MELISSA defeated "Everybody's Favorite Girlfriend" JESSIE McKAY with the Air Raid Crash (her 3rd defense). During the closing moments of the match, with the referee incapacitated, SARAYA KNIGHT made her way to ringside and threw a chain to McKay to use on Melissa. Ultimately, Jessie made the choice to not follow Saraya's orders and tossed the chain away rather than use it. Immediately following the pinfall, Saraya hit the ring and attacked Melissa herself, necessitating over a dozen referees and wrestlers to pull them apart from one another.





1. KC SPINELLI defeated THE NEW YORK KNOCKOUT with a Tiger Driver.


2. MIA YIM & DAVINA ROSE defeated MELANIE CRUISE & MENA LIBRA after Mia hit the SkyYim (Skytwister Press off the top rope) on Libra.


3. SHAZZA McKENZIE defeated RHIA O'REILLY with the Shazzadriver (Overdrive).


4. KANA defeated "Rate Tank" KELLIE SKATER via submission with the Kana Lock (crossface chicken wing).


5. LEON defeated LUFISTO with a Frog Splash.


6. "Your Soul's Tormentor" MsCHIF & CHRISTINA VON EERIE defeated HAILEY HATRED & KALAMITY when MsChif hit the Desecrater on Kalamity.


Footage taped in the locker room earlier in the show was shown on the video screen, where the camera was rolling as CHEERLEADER MELISSA was preparing to tape a pre-match promo about her match with SARAYA KNIGHT. As she and the cameraman walked into the hallway, Saraya blindsided Melissa with a wooden cane to the knee, and pounded away on it repeatedly, saying "How does that feel? Now you know how I felt!" With one last shot to the knee with the cane, Saraya told her, "I'll see you in the ring."




7. "The Wrestling Goddess" ATHENA defeated RAY with the O-Face (top rope diving stunner).


8. SARA DEL REY & COURTNEY RUSH defeated SHIMMER Tag Team Champions AYUMI KURIHARA & AYAKO HAMADA (in their 8th defense), "Regeneration X" ALLISON DANGER & LEVA BATES, and "The Canadian Ninjas" PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS in a Four Corners Elimination Tag Team Match to become the 6th SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. The first team eliminated was Regeneration X, when Perez pinned Bates. The second team eliminated were the titleholders, as Del Rey pinned Kurihara. It came down to the Ninjas against Del Rey & Rush to determine who would walk away the new SHIMMER Tag Team Champions. Though Sara tried to walk out on her partner during the closing moments of the match, Courtney was able to pull out the victory for the team by pinning Perez, to the delight of the Eagles Club crowd. Rush attempted to celebrate the victory with Del Rey, but Sara showed her disapproval of being stuck with Courtney as her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship partner.


9. SARAYA KNIGHT defeated SHIMMER Champion CHEERLEADER MELISSA (in Melissa's 4th defense) with the Knightmare (half crab variation) while holding the ropes for leverage to become the 5th SHIMMER Champion. Saraya targeted the injured leg of Melissa for the duration of the bout, which resembled more of a fight than a hold for hold wrestling match. To close the show, Melissa declared on the microphone that she worked too long and too hard just for Saraya to steal the SHIMMER Championship away from her, and she will stop at nothing to get her belt back.



NOTES: Everyone at SHIMMER would like to thank the dedicated fans from around the world who made the trip to Berwyn to be a part of the tapings live. It was our most successful set of tapings to date, with a turn away crowd on Saturday and near sellout on Sunday as well. We'd also like to thank our sponsors for the weekend, http://www.deathgripclothing.com/ and Paisans Pizzeria & Bar in Berwyn... Photographers Gilda Pasquil, Walter Lippmann, and Buddy LaMantia were in attendance to capture the weekend in photos. Look for their material to slowly be released on The SHIMMER Forum, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts during the coming weeks... SHIMMER will film Volumes 49-52 of the series this autumn. Once the dates are officially set, we will make an announcement on the web site.






The folks at http://www.dirtydirtysheets.com/ have already posted photo galleries from the events for everyone to check out.


SHIMMER 45 - http://tinyurl.com/7825kez


SHIMMER 46 - http://tinyurl.com/6nd8twr


SHIMMER 47 - http://tinyurl.com/7m8f3jw


SHIMMER 48 - http://tinyurl.com/6tfe3ta



Additionally, GCWPhotoGuy has posted over 700 photos from the weekend in his Photobucket albums.


SHIMMER 45 & 46 - http://tinyurl.com/83m49az


SHIMMER 47 & 48 - http://tinyurl.com/7lro5d9



Members of The SHIMMER Forum can check out the Fan Photo Thread (and post their own photos from the shows) at the link below.





Mike Valentyne of Inside The Squared Circle filmed some short interviews during the weekend. Check them out at the links below.


Sassy Stephie - http://tinyurl.com/77hwmwl


Athena - http://tinyurl.com/72u85h5


MsChif - http://tinyurl.com/7jrk6yq



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Probably a good place to ask where/how Daizee Haze is these days? Last time I saw pics she wasn't looking too well.....


Far as I remember she quit Shimmer at either the last tapings (before the above one) or the taping before that

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