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Right, I started this up just around the time Gladstone started revealing the results of his Top 50 films list so in a case of bad timing this had to be closed for the time being, so I thought i'd give this another crack. Here we go with...




How do you vote and what are the rules?


You are allowed FIVE entries in your choices. FOUR of them will be PPV's you want for the 'Best' PPV list and your FIFTH and final vote will be an entry into the 'UKFF Five Alarm PPV Shitlist' that will accompany this list. Please feel free to leave comments or a quote in your vote as to why you love or hate your choices and I will quote you in the post when the list is compiled.


Where do I send the votes?


Send your votes for the best PPV's of all time along with your UKFF poster name to ajp2287@hotmail.com for me to tally the votes. The FINAL date for entries is next Friday the 2nd March, which is around the time I'll be back on here again as I found out today I've go to go away Tommorow. So have fun and get choosing.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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