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CRW 'Destruction Derby' - SATURDAY, 3rd MARCH 2012


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CRW 'Destruction Derby'



CRW kicks off 2012 with it's first show on SATURDAY, 3rd MARCH 2012 from TEMPLE PARK LEISURE CENTRE, SOUTH SHIELDS.


The last time CRW was here, was in September of 2011 and what a crazy night that was leading on our way to 'Rise or Fall' 2011 and the chase for the CRW Heavyweight Championship!


All hell broke loose between all 6 Heavyweight Championship competitors which then ensued into a bigger brawl with the entire CRW locker room after trying to keep the 6 seperated.


Who knows what will go down this time from Temple Park, but rest assured, whenever CRW is in South Shields things always tend to get just a bit more chaotic than usual!



CARD as follows..............



CRW Heavyweight Championship:



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If you can get the results up I'll post them in the AlterNation facebook group.

1st crw show in a long time for me as i was working away first crw heavyweight champ assasain came out and explained his disgust at the lack of respect shown to him since becoming champion. However he was interupted by the Tyneside Titan lowthian who said he had once had a lot of respect for him but not any more the champ shoved lowthian and they had to be pulled apart by cohash mcquade dan west ck edwards xander hot shot and tommy cage. Crw gm Stallion said team newcastle vs team sunderland would start now saying as all the particpants were in the ring anyway. team newcastle cage ck hotshot team sunderland xander west mcquade lively opener crowd was more pro newcastle highlights included a double superplex on cohash hotshot screaming smb at the sunderland section of the crowd before a legdrop on west xander launching west at team newcastle back and forth match team newcastle won after hotshot nailed west with a death valley driver. Next up was hair vs hair between paragon and conargh stiches good match stiches won after a buff blockbuster . the minto bros beat lost avengers to become 1st crw tag champs in another good contest. four way was next good fun katsu and three masked guys didnt catch there names big guy in mask won after a spear.freddie fury beat micky the mann after a spear. then it was main event time crw title on the line featuting assain and lowthian good match lowthian hit a great boss man slam on the champion they brawled all over the arena assasain brought the belt into play pretending the titan had struck him with it to win by dq good show overall look forward to there next outing

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