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WRestlemania Book, DX Football Shirt & Other Bits


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Just to let you know that i've put loads more items on eBay




DX Football Shirt



History of Wrestlemania book with DVD



DOI Shoot Interview with Julius Smokes & Homicide




Other stuff more sale include


Really old Annuals

Bradford City 6 of the best VHS

Lots of boyzone stuff

Teddies (South Park, Mr Men, cats)

Laptop Bag

Ballet Shoes

Mini cooper keyring

Microsoft office

Bradford city Wembley program

Bradford city book

Photo album




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I think you did well on the WrestleMania book. I just got it on Ebay for 99p buy it now, the listing was running the same time as yours. It arrived this morning, has the DVD as well (but it didn't mention the DVD in the listing, which might be why people were bidding on yours instead of buying the cheaper one outright). I remember buying it new over a decade ago, but no idea where my original went, so I'm chuffed to have got it again for

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