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The Official Mario Kart 7 Thread


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Been hooked all day, I'll join your community some time tonight. The graphics are just stunning for a handheld, they look better than the Wii version.


EDIT! Joined :)


What's your friend code, or do you have a QR code like in my sig? Quite enjoyed the time trial blasting last time round so really up for that if your interested in trading times back and forth?


Edit: just going to jump in the shower but will be back online in about 20 minutes if your around?

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Well played AAA, they were really tight races! Have to get some sleep now but I'll race you again sometime!



My friend code is in the post up above!


Oh aye I missed that!


Aye it was a fun game, with no lag or anything which was nice. Glad I got the win in that last race, no whitewash for Sym! :laugh:


Bloody blue shells :(

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