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chris evers

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Hi Guys...

I have noticed one of my images as been used on site without giving me credit... who do I speak to regarding this?? I have sent a pm to 'Junkman' but so far I have not received a response... :angry:

I sent this


My name is Chris Evers I am the copyright holder of the image of Max Angelus used in your top 50 for the 2011 period.

the original can be seen on my Photobox site here:


the images are only licensed to use by the BEWA facebook page...


I am asking that you please credit the image to myself (Chris Evers), or if you do not wish to do this can you please remove it from the site...

I am OK and give permission for you to use the image if you credit me with the image copyright... :rolleyes:



Chris Evers

Mbl: 07962397209 (UK)"


That was over 24 hours ago, and now I would like to receive some form of acknowledgement regarding this... can someone help please?? if Junkman was not the person to send this to who do I send it too??

any help would be appreciated..



Chris Evers...

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Would it not be a better idea to PM whoever posted the picture in the thread and ask them to amend the text on it rather that hassle the guys that run the forum? That way the poster who stole your image will be aware of what they did wrong.

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