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House of Pain Weekender - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November

House of Pain

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On the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November, the House of Pain Wrestling Academy will host its next shows at Gym Combat in Nottingham.




Nate Colt will defend his newly won House of Pain title vs the no. 1 contender "The Special Edition" Joseph Conners.


Back in July, the underdog Nate Colt overcame massive odds to capture the HOP title from "Textbook" Dave Breaks. In an emotional scene, Colt celebrated in the ring with tears in his eyes in what will go down as one of the most memorable moments in HOP history.

September came round and Colt entered the ring for the first time as champion to thank the fans for sticking with him and helping him accomplish his dream...........................the moment came to a halt when the motor mouth Joseph Conners interupted.

Although not taking away Colts hard work, Conners made it clear that he is coming after the HOP title as Colt didnt deserve it.

Later that evening in a 6 man tag team match, also involving Kaleb Hughes, Mike Wyld, Danny Chase and Robbie X, Conners underlined his words from earlier by pinning the champion Colt after delivering a vicious DDT onto the title belt.


The loss has lit a fire under Colt that HOP fans will not be familiar with, but Conners is more confident than ever going into a match which should be action packed and emotionally charged.


http://www.youtube.com/user/HOPWrestling1?...u/2/oGpOntUb-Ns - NATE COLT REACTION


http://www.youtube.com/user/HOPWrestling1?...u/1/wrhY7Ph4emY - CONNERS RESPONSED





If Sunday of the July weekender saw the most emotional moement in HOP history, then the Saturday saw the most brutal when "Adrenaline" Danny Chase defended his no. 1 contendership to the cruiserweight title in a 4 way ladder match against Lucas Black, Shane Spyral and Matt Pedin. The 4 men risked life and limb and an amazing display of heart.

However, that match wasnt suppose to happen.

The Ladder match was suppose to end the long, hate filled issue between Danny Chase and cruiserweight champion Kaleb Hughes, but due to injury Hughes had to withdraw. Not wanting to let the fans down, Chase put it all on the line against 3 of the best and came through the winner, only to be attacked after the match by Hughes and turned on by Hughes's new bodyguard BIG Mike Wyld.


Now, Danny Chase gets his long awaited rematch for the belt he lost in such an unfortunate way against Kaleb Hughes. Due to the fact that these 2 are technically 1 fall a piece, the match will be contested under 2 out of 3 falls rules.


Over the last years and a half, the issue between these 2 has had twists, turns, title matches, grudge matches, back stabbing and a 2010 HOP match of the year winner.

THIS, the final match between these 2 whilst either is champion, will end it all and the HOP fans will find out who the true champion is.


http://www.youtube.com/user/HOPWrestling1?...u/0/QsXe2tBGyRM - a highly passionate Kaleb Hughes after the September 6 man.



Sautrday 12th November

Gym Combat, Nottingham

Doors 5.30pm, Show starts 6pm


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Dont know where it went unfortunately.haha.


I can't find it either. Strange! :O


Hopefully Nate retains his belt on the first title defense against Connors.


Hughes/Chase will be another great addition to their feud.


Looking forward to the tables match. The last time i saw a table used in an indy promotion was 1pw SJK vs Raven. And that table took ages to break!

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