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FutureShock 54! Sunday 9th Oct Stockport Guildhall

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First one I'll have missed this year. :(


Good luck with the show and hope everyone enjoys it.


EDIT: Becky James ain't half bad, its Ms Price that grates me.

Which is good, she's a great heel :)


Great show on the whole, so many fantastic matches, Mikey Whiplash vs Jack Gallagher a clear favourite and it was so cool to see GPW Champion DDL take on the Futureshock Champion Dave Rayne, awesome moment, great night!


Oh and it was none other then GPW Heavyweight title Number 1 Contender Dirk Feelgood who interfered in the champion vs champion match preventing DDL from winning.

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This show was great. Had a good variety of matches and drew a good 'loud' crowd without an import anywhere to be seen. 52 was my first FSW show and I went to see Davey Richards and came away from the show wanting to see more of the homegrown talent. So 53 Cabana was a bonus. 54 was this years must-see show in my opinion. Gallagher vs Whiplash was nothing short of a wrestling masterclass.

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Reet this is my full review on Futureshock 54 now bare with me I haven't done one of these for a while...


Opener: Sam Bailey def The Nordic Warrior

I thought this was a fair opener, really got into it, I mean Nordic Warrior has been doing his gimmick now for quite some time but last nights showing as far as his gimmick is concerned was probably the best, very believable. I also liked Sam's comedy timing in the match, like the time he tried to irish whip Nordic. Good back and forth match, good big man clash, good use of Egan, everything you'd want from an opene really.


CJ Banks def Raynaldo

This was alright, probably one of the most heated matches of the night considering how much Banks riled up the crowd throughtout which Ray made the most of, the pace was quicker then the previous bout, lots of action, good bit of brawling and then a surprising finish with the flying big boot, not a move I expected to see from Banks but it suited his repetoire well.


Cyanide def Sean Daniels

Its not easy being green. Cyanide excelled as a monster, it was different to the other big man/little man match because Cyanide made the match more of a brawl, some really stiff strikes throughout. Daniels was a good babyface on the whole always improving and Egan at ringside added to the drama.


Liked the angle between Grand Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion DDL and Futureshock Champion Dave Rayne. I've often wondered why Futureshock didnt acknowledge Damon's status but now I realise it was just waiting for the right moment, very cool to see the Grand Pro title in the Futureshock ring. Very good angle, set up the main event rather nicely.



Grand Pro Wrestling British Championship Match

Jack Gallagher vs Mikey Whiplash

I think most in attendance agree that it was "by far the best match". Actually I agree with that, I thought it was an outstanding match as well, no gimmicks, no heel/face divide, just simply wrestling. Such a great match, the story was told in the ring, both guys knowing each other so well from their time wrestling each other in GPW but never in a singles match. Both told it by simply grappling, hold for hold, trying to get the pin, working a hold, Jack kept teasing an armbar but Mikey would always find an escape, likewise Mikey either went for the Boston Crab or a cradle but Jack had a counter. I think its the most I've seen a crowd involved in a solid wrestling match, well since the last Jack Gallagher wrestling bout at the Guildhall anyway! I'm sure Mikey, well I hope Mikey will get to wrestle in Futureshock again. he'd be a damn fine addition.



Zack Diamond def Noam Dar

Another solid bout, nothing particularly memorable but it had good heat and some good high spots, I also feel that noone does a better tope in Brit wrestling, ha best tope in British wrestling, no thats not funny is it? I'll move on. Noam's style is very submission based which complements Zack's high flying antics quite well as it tells a good story, Noam was always trying to keep Zack on the mat. Zack took the win after a very cool springboard codebreaker and then a brainbuster for the pinfall. Zack's had a really good year and Noam is definitely gainin a reputation as one of Scotland's best exports.



The Models and Health and Safety def Vitamin C, Sparx and Action Jackson

Do like the 8 man's always full of action and great high spots. The 8 man suplex was a particular highlight among the audience. No real critique, couple of spots that were a bit disjointed but these things happen. Usual terrific finishing sequence with finishers all over the place, great bump off Mike's DDT by Cooper before Jackson gets hit with the 3D and pinned for the win. Great match to lead us into the Main Event.



Main Event: Champion vs Champion, Dave Rayne def DDL

For trivia buffs among you, this was Damon's first Futureshock main event for four years and 13 months. (Ok, just me) This was a great "main event" match by that I mean it had lots of brawling, including a fight that went into the reception area, didn't see any of it, didn't feel like getting up, I'll review that when the dvd comes out! So yeh anyway, DDL vs Dave, surprising to think that the match has never happened before because it was really good. Dirk runs in for the finish as I previously mentioned but I don't think this hurt the match because it was worth the build.


The show closing angle, was also expertly done, Jack set the main event up rather nicely, its the match we all knew was going to happen going back the first show of the year but now its here and its probably going to be the biggest Futureshock title match so far.


So on the whole a top quality show, no dull matches, sad to see Jesse go, he's been a fantastic MC over the years and even did some GPW shows back in the day, he will definitely be missed! The new MC did well, a fine replacement!

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