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CRW 'Blood, Sweat & Beers': SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th 2011


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Tiger, Tiger

The Gate

Newgate Street




Tel: 0191 235 7065




CRW presents: Blood, Sweat & Beers: The Club can't handle us!


CRW has been going strong in 2011 and Management thought it was about time we hosted a show for a unique audience in which the boundaries can be stretched a little, the line can be crossed a bit and the mark can be totally over-stepped!


We're talking about a night of FUN! Not the clap your hands and watch a masked guy high five your child kinda fun, but, the watch a masked guy use any object he can find, raise the roof with a Moonsault and buy your girlfriend a bottle of tequila afterwards kinda fun. A Night of unadulterated, Rated R (If you're American) Or Certified 18 (If you're from the UK) pure entertainment from the word go!



Tickets will be Tiered and Standing, Seating and a Very Special V.I.P Deal



Also, a CRW After party in Tiger Tiger! After all the dust has settled, The night will only have just begun!




Date: Sunday 18th September 2011

Doors & Bar Open: 5:00pm

Bell Time: 6:00pm







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We can now confirm some of the following names set to appear at 'Blood, Sweat & Beers!'



The 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian



Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson)


Plus more TBA.



And with the 'Titan' & 'Fight Club' set to square off with competitors in this type of atmosphere & environment, you just know you're in for one hell of a ride & unpredictability!

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V.I.P Booths (Party of 5 & includes a Bucket of BEER or Bottle of VODKA!):
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The first match to be announced for our 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' card is quite a strange & unique turn of events......



'Loser Leaves CRW' HARDCORE Match:


Martin Kirby vs. JWC



Two of the most witty & charismatic characters within CRW are set to go 1 on 1 in a 'Loser Leaves CRW' I Quit match.


This can only lead to comedy gold or a complete 180 as JWC has been on a violent & vicious streak within CRW as of late & with the frustration of his client Ross Saxon as of late has made the humerus JWC one very angry man!


Who'll take control of the witty banter (If any) or who will show the most violent streak as both mens spots within CRW are on the line!

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The rest of the card for 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' is as follows......



Assassin vs. Lionheart



6 Man Tag Team Match:


'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian, The 'Hired Gun' Graham Robson & Justin Thorne vs. Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson) & Noam Dar



6 Man Scramble Match:


Cohash McQuade vs. Nik Minto vs. Sean Minto vs. Paragon Smith vs. C.K. Edwards vs. Lucas Marvel



'Purfect' Purdie vs. Davey Blaze

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Hopefully you'll enjoy our Show & your first experience of CRW.


This is our first attempt at an Adult themed show / environment in our two years of running.


Not sure if you've seen the thread for our show 'Limitless' at Temple Park Leisure Centre in South Shields the night before this, but that will feature our Tournament of qualifying matches for the CRW Heavyweight Championship, winners advancing to our huge 'Rise or Fall' show in October from Northumbria Uni, Newcastle.


If you can make it to the 'Limitless' show on Saturday, present your Ticket at the 'Blood, Sweat & Beers' show from Tiger Tiger for a couple of quid knocked off your Ticket.

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Thanks Kincaid.


Hopefully we can entice you along to check out one of our shows soon & *Fingers Crossed* you won't be disappointed.


If i can't attend the shows i will try one of the dvds at the end of the month.


Which DVD would be the perfect introduction to CRW?

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Well, we're currently awaiting our redesigned website to go live with its relaunch, so, will be filling the merchandise section on there ASAP & filling the DVD section of past shows as quickly as we can.


Personally, from my own stand point & from the feedback I received from fans (although there are 'some' slight inconsistencies you'll notice yourself perhaps upon viewing, LOL) I would highly recommend last years 'Rise or Fall' DVD featuring Lionheart vs. Chaos as the Main Event.


We had a lot riding on this show as 'Rise or Fall' is our 'WrestleMania' of calendar events if you will and is the event we will be trying to pull out all the big stops for each & every year.


It's also sold a good few copies since its release in July.


Also, it features a very good bout between 'Tyneside Titan' Lowthian against BT Gunn which was considered a MOTN candidate by many in attendance.




CRW 'Rise or Fall' 2010 DVD:







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