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WAW GT Yarmouth summer season july/aug/sept


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results from 14TH Aug


Sweet Saraya & Britani knight bt Destiny & Busty keegan w/ Black Widow


Sam slam Naylor bt TJ Daniels


Joe Legend bt Alex Young


Liberty v Amy lee Kramer was time limit draw. Brilliant technical match by the two teenagers


Sam Knee bt Rex Wylde, Milky o'Hagan and Stan in four corners match


Jet logan bt Canary Kid

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Are they no longer a tag team? :/


I think they are, but there's nothing stopping them having a good technical match against each other. Melodi and Brittani worked against each other when they were the Norfolk Dolls.


WAW has a really good womens division at the moment with a lot of really promising talent, like Liberty, the intimidating Amazon and Amy-Lee Kramer.

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Results from yesterday's Bank Holiday show


1. Chuck Cyrus def. Solomon with feet on the ropes. Very good opener, technically very solid, and got the crowd nicely warmed up. Cyrus is improving. Only disappointment was the finish - the "double leg, cover, feet on ropes" finish has been done to death - though that's a personal opinion only, I suppose.

2. Rex Wylde def. Sam Knee with a low blow behind referee Jimmy Ocean's back. Wylde and Knee struggled to have any chemistry in this one, so was a bit disjointed. Mickey Lynch was working ringside on behalf of tag team partner Wylde, so got involved as much as possible - to the annoyance of Jimmy Ocean.

3. Gorgon & Gargoyle (w/ Tommy Lee) def. The Young Ones (TJ Daniels & Alex Young) with a sweet wheelbarrow RKO. Fun match. This is the first time I've seen Daniels & Young under their new masked gimmick and I really like it. Speaking of masks, the debuting Gargoyle had all sorts of issues with his mask getting in his eyes.

4. Amy-Lee Krammer & Amazon def. Destiny & Black Widow. Clunky match that never got out of second gear. Mostly solid.

-. Hooligan Bex came out to explain that he has a pretty serious knee injury that will require him to take time off from the ring while he gets it fixed up. Sam Knee came out to offer a few words of thanks to Bex from the locker room, before turning on Bex and kicking his knee. The Young Ones made the save, and Saraya vowed revenge on Knee, who told everybody that he now had Tommy Lee as a manager.

5. European Title: Aron Frost © def. Marco Marinelli (w/ Tommy Lee). Best match of the night - unsurprising, since Aron Frost remains one of the best kept secrets in the country. I understand that Aron's going to be living in England full time now, so promoters need to take notice and book him everywhere. Good job from Marco too.

6. Atlantis Cup Battle Royal: Jet Logan won the 16 man battle royale, last eliminating Sam Knee. Knee had been eliminated behind the referee's back, but snuck back in to dispose of Logan while the referees were distracted by Tommy Lee at ringside. Hooligan Bex then jumped into the ring, threw out Knee *again* and slid Logan back inside for the win.


Due to work commitments, this was the first chance I've had this Summer Season to get up to a Yarmouth show. Lots of focus on the young generation going on now, and it's clear that there is plenty of talent in WAW looking to continue to improve and challenge for higher positions on the card. Very enjoyable show.

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