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recommend me an event


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going old school


saturday nights main event 26 april 90 - hogan perfect,rockers harts

saturday nights main event 29 april 91 - warrior slaughter joined by hogan,taker, bearer and a casket, bret hart ted dibiase, the perfect battle royal

wrestlemania 7 - warrior savage/rockers haku barbarian

summerslam 95 - 123kid hakushi,ladder match 2

wrestle war 92 - 10 man tag

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Survivor Series 98 or WWF Mind Games from 96. Features a very good and often overlooked match between HBK and Mankind.


I don't think that Mind Games match is overlooked at all. And yes, it is a good match.


I'd recommend ECW: One Night Stand 2005. You really can't go wrong with this.

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