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William Regal...


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Ok simple question... Regal... For me one of my favorites despite having so few "stand out" matches whilst in WWE. I wanna know what is your favorite Regal match and why? Really wanna get into watchin more from this chap!


Here's my pick (and two others) -


Regal vs Benoit - Brian Pillman Memorial Show - WOW! What an awesome little match. One of my all time favorite matches generally let alone from Regal. I was never a "benoit mark" but I have to say that this match made me wanna learn to wrestle (and learn tech too). Initially slow but leading to a good end, this match was hard hitting and everything mattered. The crowd went from boring to OMG within 10 mins.


Regal vs Jericho - WM17 - I liked this. Styles being different helped this match similiarly to...


3egal vs RVD (WM18)

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He's had such a long and diverse career:


These are some of my favourites


VS Flair Rounds Match over several WCW Saturday Nights in 1994. Excellent match where Regal looked on the same level as Flair, and a different concept for WCW too.


VS Finlay - Uncensored 1996 - Again a totally different brutal style to normal WCW, the follow up Parking Lot Brawl from Nitro was also pretty great


VS Hashimoto, NJPW 1995 - Regal doing Strong Style, a real hard fought contest


VS Benoit, Pillman Memorial Show 2000. Really showed Regal was back on the ball, great stuff from both guys


VS Jericho, Insurextion 2001, the best match from this feud


VS Punk January 2009 RAW, the culmination of their IC belt feud


VS Christian, Breaking Point 2009, one of the best WWE matches of 2009


VS Goldust, Superstars 2010, WWE is PG?


Regal is also one of those gys where you cou.ld turn on any WCW B Show in the 1990s and find him having a great match with a Cruiser, he nearly always delivers!

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Didn't Regal have a shit hot match with Benoit towards the end of 2005? Or it might have been sometime around 2006 I can't remember. All I remember was it was on Velocity.


I was a big fan of his gimmick towards the end of 2001 and going into the early 2002. It went onto some great matches with Edge at RR and NWO 02. Other than that his matches at WM17 and WM18 are classics

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Also loved his matches against London ad Kendrick on back to back Smackdowns in late 2006, right before Dave Taylor's WWE debut, and Regal was really working the hyper aggresive snug style to evolve his workrate

That was during the time he was teaming with Taylor. And to follow on from what Twinn said, he had two really good matches with Benoit on Velocity, and another great one at No Mercy 2006. I liked his matches with CM Punk as well, especially the MSG house show match from around Christmas 2008.

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