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Cancelling Phone Contract


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I have a direct debit set up for my Orange Blackberry phone. I wont be able to afford paying it over the summer so I'd like to cancel it briefly. Is there an easy way to do this? I could just cancel it from my Natwest account but I'm worried they might get pissed off or something.


Any ideas?

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Talk to your provider.. Cancelling the D/D without telling them will effectively make your phone a glorified brick, fuck up any credit score and get some twatty debt collectors on your arse. Not to mention any late fees/interest added.


If you talk to Orange they maybe able to lower your tariff or work out a revised payment sched, just dont expect to be able to use your phone on contract until its up to date payment wise.


If you need your phone, shove a PAYG sim in the interim unless bricked by Orange


Soz if a bit preachy, but that is pretty much the options afaik

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