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Best card.


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Ok you get 4 super cards to book.

One is a wwe wrestlemania

One is a TNA supercard

One is full of british wrestlers

and the other is an international one excluding tna and wwe talents.


The aim is to get supercards in place that would sell out, you must try and use as many people on the wwe and tna roster as possible. With TNA even some unaffiliated names can be used e.g. worlds greatest tag team.

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So if we're to get everyone on the roster a match then can we have 25 matches on the card?


Wrestlemania 28 - Rock and Cena vs Ryder...Ryder wins...Match time 3 hrs 30 mins.


TNA Whatever - Velvet Sky Striptease...Match time 2 hrs 45 mins and ends with Everyone running down to the ring to interfere. Winner - Eric Young.


British Show - Alex Shane talks...Match time 8 hrs. No one wins. Or a 1PW show. Danny Rodd wins by stealing fans money.


Independant - Meh...some matches with hundreds or superkicks. Someone wins with a superkick.



As you can tell im bored at work, i will try to think of some proper cards during the day though.

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