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Wrestling & custom caricatures


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Hey guys, here's a caricature i did of The Stinger, hand drawn then digitally coloured. Check out the link in my sig to see more full size examples, Edge & AJ Styles should be up in the next few days.


I also do non-wrestling caricatures & various other styles of illustration such as more cartoony/chibi style, logo design, tattoo design etc. Custom Artwork, i.e any wrestler in any pose or outfit, movie characters of your choice, personalised caricatures of yourself, family or friends.


All my designs will be available to buy soon (through my Deviant & ebay, plus website coming soon), all are handrawn with choices of...


-Plain lineart

-Black & white shaded

-Hand coloured

-Digitally enhanced & coloured




All feedback & ideas are appreciated

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Looks good. Haven't picked up a pencil for a good few years now, so may be tempted to purchase that Sting caricature, being a mark for him an' all.


Sweet, i'll give you a heads up when im up & running mate


Do you do group caricatures? I've been thinking for some time about getting one made up featuring everyone who's worked for my promotion, past and present. I appreciate this would probably be costly though.



Yes mate, i can do groups. When you get a minute drop me a PM or email me at Monster Caricatures with some details of what you're after i.e, how many characters, illustration style, colour or b&w, size etc & hopefully we can sort something out

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