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Welsh Heavyweight Championship Match

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I'm posting this video just to get the opinion of the fans on UKFF. I know this leaves me and Welsh Wrestling open to a shed load of criticism, but you know what they say, without opinions and criticism you can't progress...but hopefully you kind people won't criticise too much :thumbsup:


This is also for the benefit of wrestling fans outside of Wales who don't get the chance to attend any Welsh Wrestling shows.


**WARNING!! The following video contains scenes with wrestlers who are not BWC Graded, please do not copy or imitate their moves, as they are not qualified to wrestle**


Welsh Heavyweight Championship - falls count anywhere

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To the above two posters- I do hope you realise that's sarcasm about not being qualified to wrestle!!!


Anyhoo, only skimmed the video- got it on at work when I'm not really supposed to!- but for what it's worth, it's a pretty well structured match. Nice and safe, no uneeded risky spots or big moves for the sake of it. The work outside of the ring is just what it needs to be. For some reason it reminds me of an 80's WCW/NWA bout. All in all pretty tidy, though I doubt enthusiasts of the FWA or ROH would rate it. (Not a knock- the style of the match just doesn't seem to fit those two promotions). Like the way the ending means there's also potential for future matches down the line- two singles bouts, plus a tag bout (if that's not too spoilerific!!!). Nice bit of forward thinking, if that's the intention.


My criticisms would be that some of the timing seems out on some of the early exchanges- Kade offers his arm a bit too soon on an arm drag, for example (either that or Starr's too slow to take the arm) and some of the stomps, chops and punches look a little too light. I realise the idea is not to hurt your opponent, but there's clear air in some of the offence.


I'd go and see one of your shows if I lived in Wales though, and the rest of your cards are as solid as this.


One last thing, and something I feel personally qualified to talk about, I'd get your ring announcer to stop waving and pointing his arm while announcing. Just a personal pet hate, but I always think it looks much better and more professional if the MC stands still. More authoratitive and confident too. Only seems to be in UK promotions where you get announcers moving and gesticulating. I used to do it for my first couple of shows too, until I got re-educated.


Hope this all helps and doesn't seem over critical!


PS: An addendum, ref. the stage setting and the ring. At first I also thought the ring was a little on the low side. That's nit picking, however. One thing I'd advise, though, is if you're going to do stuff outside the ring like in this match, and your ring's on a theatre stage, try and avoid any spots at the back of the ring (ie: as the audience looks at it). I don't know what it looked like from the audience perspective, but I can imagine some things being obsucred, and therefore pointless being done. The dive from in the ring to outside seems to have been done here in this match. I'd say that probably lessens the visual impact for the crowd. Imagine the dive coming towards you, so to speak. Looks much better! Again, minor quibble, and probably easier to say than to execute. Point being, the wrestlers should work to the crowd in a setting like this, as by its very nature it's a lot more restrictive than say a sports hall or an arena, where you can do your spots anywhere and at least some of the audience will see them.

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Stream of conciousness watching it...



Thought is was two decent sized guys who look greenish and a bit sloppy to be honest.


Over excitable, rushed and not anywhere near crisp enough.


Nice spinebuster...shame about the early kickout


The heel is much better than the face


Lame run in. If the heel wanted to make sure he won the match, why wait til after the face nearfall before interfering?

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The in ring action was standard british wrestling, they were wrestling for the live crowd and not for some guy watching it on youtube on his laptop, the action doesn't transfer well to the small screen, however I'm sure it would have been exciting watching it live.


My main criticism is the ring, it just makes you look small time and very, very low budget....which is unfair cause from the amount of people in attendance you clearly aren't a budget promotion.

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I'll run over the previous critiques.


Match style - It's a solid entertainment style match. You've clearly got an understanding of your audience and what they want, which is key. I agree with Mr South in saying it in that it it takes it to the outside for the outside for the right amount of time, and the finish leaves it open.


I'd go with Kade offering his arm on time for the arm-drag and Stevie not taking it soon enough, this is nit picking however. Kade seems to carry Stevie a touch during the match, with the offering of the arm and the leapfrog / shoulder tackle spot, again, it means nothing to the fans, I credit Kade for keeping it going though.


My pet hate is rings that are smaller or different. The ropes in this case look low and loose. Setting it on the stage is always a learning curve for some, however it's a great tool to use for getting used to working TV for example.


Overall I agree with the others, if your cards are as solid as that, I'd attend if you weren't hundreds of miles away, and having looked at your roster,

I don't for a second question they are good shows.

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