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I want to get back into ROH


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So i stopped watching ROH at the start of 2008 because i pretty much lost intrest in wrestling all together, But iv been looking at some of the recent cards/results and feel like I might want to start watching again, so basically what im wanting is some recomendations of the best 4 or 5 shows from the last 3 years, any help would be appreciated :)

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Ive listed what I believe are the must have shows from an angle point of view of 2009-11 (no doubt Ill be corrected ;)). 2009 wasnt great, you could pick up Final Battle and start from there, 2010 was fun for Tyler Black's enjoyable title reign, particularly when he turns heel and obviously the highlight of the year which was the Steen and El Generico fued. 2011 has been enjoyable thus far, only 5 dvds in so far but they have been setting the pace for what could be a cracking mid 2011.


Some shows Ive listed may be out of print but should be easily picked up from A-merch or ebay.




7th Anniversary Show

Supercard of Honor 4 (Lynn v McGuinness)

Violent Tendencies (Age of the Fall, Jacobs v Black)

Manhattan Mayhem 3 (Aries v Lynn)

Glory By Honor 8; The Final Countdown (Danielson and McGuinness farewell)

Final Battle '09




8th Anniversary Show (Black vs Aries)

Big Bang (cracking ippv)

Bitter Friend, Stiffer Enemies 2 (great main event)

Supercard of Honor 5

Death Before Dishonor 8 (fantastic tag match and very good main event)

Glory By Honor IX (Black vs Strong)

Final Battle '10 (Steen vs El Generico)




Only The Strong Survive (fun main event)

9th Anniversary Show (just about to watch this but should be fun, plus its the anniversary show so it should deliver)

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That's a good list as far as 2009-10 goes.


If you want to go the iPPV route, Honor Takes Center Stage was lots of fun live and would get you up to date in a hurry...

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