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  1. Well the main thing that's wrong with it is that British wrestling is bloody superb at the moment and there are no British based wrestlers on a show being filmed in Britain.
  2. Christ is it 2005? So many fly ins.
  3. quite a PROGRESS heavy list for me, Marty Scurll Pete Dunne Will Osprey Travis Banks Tommy End Zack Gibson Dave Mastiff El Ligero Nixon Newell Zack Sabre Jr Chris Brooks Trent Seven Kay Lee Ray Mark Andrews Tyler Bate
  4. Pm'd you
  5. You don't go to many shows do you? That's British Wrestling fans for you. "Watch this lads, this will be well funny......MOOSE!!!!" I go to Progress quite a lot, doesn't seem quite as bad there but yeah you're right it is just British wrestling fans I think.
  6. Yeah agree, cracking effort all around, Everything on the show was good and as mentioned 3 of the matches were excellent. In all fairness, Bobby Fish missing probably made it a better show because the reshuffle meant we got the awesome briscoes/ bucks tag match. Lets be fair Bobby is as bland as they come anyway. Hopefully the poorish attendances on the first two nights hasn't put them off coming back! Just a slight moan, why are some British fans so intent on making the show about them and shouting (and chanting) stupid shit that has nothing to do with the match going on. I can't see how it does anything but ruin the show!
  7. I have heard someone (may have been Nash in his you shoot) say that the fact jobbers got paid more than contracted talent for TV was the reason Yoko, and apparently others. Used to work stiff with them, Kind of a "We're the stars and you're getting paid more than us, you're going to earn it" attitude. Completely unprofessional but it does give a reason for it I guess.
  8. Looks like the show starts a hour earlier than the London ones, So should be finished by 6:30.
  9. My shoot interviews when I encode them are all Hi-quality I use pinnacle studio ultimate to remaster all shoot ints too. anything low quality my sony nwze453 wont touch it it's like listening to the radio at like 4-5am not to wake any one up. & u are on a coach ect all u can hear is the engine goin ten to the dozen. Just a word of advice mate, with the reputation you have gained yourself around here with the Japanese tape debacle it might be advisable not to question the way other people go about things. im pretty sure iv dealt with wwffan2 before and never had a issue. Questioning the way good traders work isn't something that's going to help your reputation.
  10. Thanks to the guys who have sent me lists, much appriciated Ill get back to you soon, one of you guys must have a huge collection of the RF video shoots your willing sell copys of though right
  11. Can I get a list please mate?
  12. Hi, Do you have a list? im more likely to take more if I can choose from a list.
  13. Hi all, Yeah im after some shoot interviews, in all honesty im not bothered who, if any of you guys are doing copys for around
  14. Surely that's Harvey Whippleman? Oh hang on, is Horace behind Bastian Booger? Its Papa Shango behind booger isnt it? I would say that guy is too big to be harvey wippleman isnt he?
  15. More Stuff Added Today, Some FWA, FWA:A and NOAH stuff