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wwf storylines that where planned


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I found some of my old wwf magazine from 1998 and 1999 and In it was the following,


New age outlaws

On paper billy gunn and road dog have what it takes to rise to the top and with the help of dx this underated duo will become the tag team champions , as the b team of dx this duo will reach new heights in there careers,which may only leave one question, how long will they be happy being the b team ? You got it dx may explode by the end of 1998.

Los boricuas

Look for Savio,Miguel,Jose and Jesus to join forces with another 4some to become the most dangerous faction in wwf history. Los boricuas have yet to tap ther full potential in the wwf, but in 1998 there gonna blow the lid off.

(Wonder who the other 4some was originally meant to be to form this stable)

Nation of domination:

I see great things for the nation in 1998, more specifically faaroo will become the first wwf African american champion, once he is crowned champion , another member of the nation will step up and challenge him for his throne , who ? Well lets just say it may be the least likely candidate.

(im guessing this was talking about the rock taking over the nation what you all think ?)


This feud between the brothers from hell will be violent as hell , when this feud becomes an out of controll inferno, the flame will become smothered when the undertaker and kane discover that it was another who started the fire.

(who do you think this was gonna be ? im guessing paul bearer)

The Hart Foundation

Trouble in 1998, even though the hart clan will expand over the coming months,it will bust apart at the seams end before the year end. Someone from within the ranks will step forward and challenge bret hart and not only will bret be challenged he will be OVERCOME.

(any idea who this was gonna be ? I would guess owen hart).

The Patriot/Furnas and Lafon:

Were gonna form a heel anti usa stable alongside a former champion.

(any idea who the former champion would be ?)


Will leave dx and Will win the lightweight title.

Brian Christopher:

Too sexy will be hired by dx to win the lightweight title into dx and he will have to beat chyna to win it.

Commissioner Slaughter:

Rememeber when sgt slaughter turned his back on his country during the war, well even though Iraq wont be involved this time, can you say turncoat, I knew that you could.

( so he was gonna turn heel wonder on who ?)

Rick Rude:

Dx will refuse to pay him for his services and even though he is physically unable to actively compete in the federation, rude will hire collecters to get his money for him.

( who do you think he would have hired ?)

Ken Shamrock:

At wrestle mania , shamrock may once find himself locked in the octagon who will his oppenent be none other than ahmed Johnson.


Look for the bikers to bring in back up possibly old friends of crush.

(who do you think this was gonna be ? I would say demolition)

Marlena/Dude Love

Will fall in love.


I would be interested to hear all your views on this vince russo artice from 1998.

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stone cold steve austin:

austin will be in the drivers seat by the dead of winter only to come across his biggest test to date.

(wonder who this was ? i would say undertaker based on the dead line.)

Val Venis:

In a quest for absolute power, the big valbowski will make the mistake of picking fruit from a forbidden tree, the error of the his decision will not only cost him his chance , but his job..

(id guess he has an affair with stephanie mcmahon or linda mcmahon.0

The brood:

beware of the goth movement in 99, gangrel , edge and christian will change the face of wwf as we know it, no there will be no shadows only darkness total darkness. in the end it will all come together and once the pieces are put into place you will be shocked.

(any idea what this was about ?)

Bart gunn:

bart gunn may not get beat it may take a tank to stop him.

(maybe tank abbot what you think.)

Luna vachon:

hints that she will join the brood and leave the oddities.

Ken shamrock/dan severn\ dr death steve williams:

ken shamrock and the above will form a stable of tactical shooters ,look for former business associates to join the stable as well.

(Any idea who they may be im guessing just dan severn ?)


what does everyione think ?

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I think it was bloody hard to read.


I doubt they were necessarily planned angles persae, just predictions in the magazine for the sake of it. It's like when PWI would have articles like "IS VADER GOING TO TAKE OUT TATANKA?!" seemingly at random.

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RAW magazine was a great read at times, some great interviews.


The Insider stuff used to piss me off, remember me and my mates would swear by this stuff and believe they would happen, they were just as bad as the hotlines 'Goldberg to jump to WWF' type stuff, we would always buy it. I spent the whole of 2002-4 waiting for Mortis to debut and attack the Undertaker. I miss those days!

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I remember one from early 1996 (obviously before he jumped ship) where it commented that Razor would be climbing the ladder for the BIG prize by the end of the year. Survivor Series was in MSG that year and HBK would've been champ, and how huge would a Ladder rematch for the WWF Title have been? Especially as WWF moved towards the more violent Attitude era during the latter half of that year?

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