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House of Pain Wrestlin Academy - WE HAVE TOILETS!

House of Pain

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A change from the original date announced at the last show. Due to royal weddings and bank holidays, we're doing the show a few weeks later.


The House of Pain Academy returns with its next show on Sunday 15th May with another action packed afternoon of wrestling action from some of the best up and coming wrestlers around.


Doors 2.30pm, show starts 3pm.


First Match Announced - 6 Man Tag Team Match


The Asylum ("Hellraiser" Brian Wright, Zero Tollerance, "Crazy" Chris Connall) with Dr. Craven


"The Heat" LJ Heron, Nate Colt and "Tiger" James Murphy


A combination of 2 matches from the March show. LJ and Colt were successful in beating Wright and Tollerance, but then both men accompanied Connall to the ring for his match with Murphy. Murphy went backstage and bought out Heron and Colt to even the odds. Murphy was on the losing end due to a briefcase shot from Connall, before referee Stixx reversed the decision and a brawl ensued between all 6 men.

The challenge was made and accepted on the spot for this match, which should contain all manners of violence.


4 other matches will be announced for the show, so keep your diary free and come and see the future.


Sunday 15th May

Gym Combat, Crocus St, Nottingham

Doors 2.30pm, Show starts 3pm.


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Another match announced for this show, coming up this Sunday.


4 WAY - 1 FALL TO A FINISH - Winner gets a title shot of their choosing


Shane Spyral vs Kaleb Hughes vs Matt Pedin vs BIG Mike Wyld


3 high flyers and a BIG man. Sounds like a weird sitcom, but it is guaranteed to be an action packed match. Kaleb Hughes has been very vocal about wanting a cruiswerweight title match, he has his chance, but the opportunity is open to all 4 wrestlers.


Sunday 15th May

Gym Combat, Crocus St, Nottingham

Doors 2.30pm, Show starts 3pm.


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Max Angelus and "Danger" Russ vs "Diamond" Dave Andrews and ?????


???? Is the newest patient of Dr. Craven's Asylum, but he has been very quiet ab out the name. One things for sure, if he is anything like his other patients, Max and Russ will have their hands full.

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Surely with a show name like this one of the matches should be loser gets bog washed?

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In full results from the show:


Kaleb Hughes beat Shane Spryal, Matt Pedin and BIG Mike Wyld in a fatal 4 way.


The winner of the match was allowed to challenge for any title they wanted in the future. Kaleb grabbed the microphone after the match and announced (and complained) that he would challenge for the cruiserweight title. Current champion Danny Chase then came out with a contract with a blank date. He explained that Kaleb would just carry on complaining even when the title match was announced and he'd be happy to defend the title against Kaleb, anytime, anywhere, should he get through Lucas Black later on.

Kaleb then slapped Chase and walked off promising he'll see either Chase or Lucas on June 26th at the next show.


Matt Hall pinned Carnival of Sin member Barricade


Virus was out with Barricade being his usual obnoxious self. During the match, despite the obvious size advantage Barricade, Virus started interfering causing Matt's dad Tony Asbo/Hall to come out again just like last month. It seems that Tony is really taking his sobriety seriously and wants the best for his son.

The end came when Virus distracted the referee when Matt had finally got Barricade down, only for Tony to pull him off the apron. Barricade then went for Tony only to get rolled up by Matt for the 3 count.

The Carnival challenged the Asbo/Hall family to a match on June 26th. Tony accepted, but Matt was reluctant. Can Matt trust his dad after all that has happened? I guess we'll find out.


The Asylum (Zero Tolerance, Brian Wright and Chris Connell) w/ DR. Craven beat Nate Colt, LJ Heron and James Murphy in an over the top rope, elimination tag match.

Order of elimination was:

Zero eliminated James Murphy

LJ eliminated Zero

Connell eliminated LJ

Colt eliminated Connell

Wright eliminated Colt


Max Angelus and "Danger" Russ beat "Diamond" Dave Andrews and DR. Craven"s newest patient MAD MAN MANSON!!!!

House of Pain fans were shocked by the appearance of the crazy, fan favourite, especially being with DR. Craven. it soon became apparent that Manson was, as usual, in his own little world. Shaking hands with Max, Russ, the referee, the fans, then after few bits of wrestling, proclaiming his love for the other team and joining them to wrestle his own partner. The craziness ended when Max, Russ and Manson piled on Andrews for the pin.

Fans were very taken to Manson, DR. Craven has stated that he needs more work.


"Adrenaline" Danny Chase defended his Cruiserweight title against "Luscious" Lucas Black w/ Maxx Rouge

After a lot of back and forth action, the finish came when Lucas ran into Rouge and Chase hit his best of both jumping reverse sit out DDT for the 3 count.




Kaleb Hughes music hit. Coming out with the contract in hand, he shoved it in Stixx's hand and had signed the anytime, anywhere date as Sunday 15th May. Realising, although a low move on the part of Hughes, there was nothing he could do and the match was on.


Kaleb Hughes beat Danny Chase to win the cruiserweight title after hitting his Death Valley Driver.

As Hughes celebrated, Stixx announced that the match on June 26th was still on, but on that day, neither Hughes or chase would be champion, when the title will be suspended 15 feet aboove the ring and Hughes and Chase will conclude their epic feud in a ladder match. The crowd roared their approval.


As always, reviews and comments are welcome.

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