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Be Catch Company kicks off 2011

Outback Jack

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A little late in the year to be starting, I know, but hell we do what we can :)

So for the rare few among you who are interested....


We begin April 16 in the town of Roscoff, France, and proudly present "Catch Noz".

The card for this one:


"The Tasmanian Bruiser" Big Abis vs Jack Spayne (France)

Adam Polak (Pol) vs Sean Lucas (NL)

The Monster Jekkel vs Jefferson Adrift (France)

Rockstar Spud (uk) vs Teo Tispun (France)

BCC Championship Match

Dave Mastiff (uk) vs Mark Haskins (uk) vs Tommy End (NL)



We follow this up April 23 in the town of Binche, Belgium...where we just as proudly present "Bash at the Binche".

Yes we do.

I cannot confirm the card as yet, but the line up will be as follows


From the UK:

Dave Mastiff, John Moss, Jonny Storm, Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll


From France

Romeo, Tristan Archer, Kid Mike


From Holland

Tommy End and Sean Lucas


And also

Mexican Sensation El Ligero, The Tasmanian Bruiser Big Abis, Dimitri Soliotopoulos from Greece and Adam Polak from Poland



Thanks for reading.

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So April 16 was just one of those days where you have to adapt. Last minute injuries, monster traffic jams, drunken idiots... you name it, we had it.

All this resulted in us having to change the card just minutes before the bell, and it turned out like this.


Sean Lucas def Adam Polak

Tommy End def Teo Tispun

Big Abis def Andrew Patterson

Teo Tispun & Jekkel def Tommy End & Jack Spayne

Dave Mastiff def Mark Haskins and Rockstar Spud to retain the BCC title.


And the card for April 23 is as follows:


Romeo vs Mike Skills

Tommy End & Adam Polak vs Sean Lucas & Rico Bushido

El Ligero vs Marty Scurll

Mark Haskins vs Tristan Archer

John Moss vs Big Abis vs Dimitri Soliotopoulos

Dave Mastiff vs Jonny Storm for the BCC Championship.

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I was at the show, that was pretty awesome !


The main event was easily 25 minutes long and the 400 people in attendance were amazed of the quality of the performance by the three wrestlers. The Tag Match had the whole arena on their feet and Teo Tispun was mad over so close to his home. His partner Jekkel is so natural as a babyface that I can't believe it's never been done before. And the rest of the card was pretty strong too ! Sadly the show wasn't taped so you won't be able to see it, but the next time BCC come in Roscoff, take the ferry and you won't be disappointed !


Thank you to everybody involved in the show ! :)

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And the results from last night's show.


Mike Skills def Romeo

Tommy End & Adam Polak def Sean Lucas & Rico Bushido

El Ligero def Marty Scurll

Mark Haskins def Tristan Archer

John Moss def Big Abis & Dimitri Soliotopoulos

Jonny Storm def Dave Mastiff via DQ, Mastiff retains BCC title.


Next show.... whenever we bloody well can.

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