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Leicester Championship Wrestling Debut Show


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Just to let you know that our new wrestling promotion Leicester Championship Wrestling (LCW) has it's debut show on March 26th at Brockington College, Blaby Road, Enderby, Leicester.


This is a great venue with brilliant facilities, which can hold a pretty good crowd. Interest has been very positive so far any we at LCW are looking forward to start our first of what we hope will be many more shows to come.

By the end of the show we will be proud to crown our first ever LCW Champion.


The card has many wrestlers that will be well known in the Midlands area such as:



Jim Hunter

Lee Hunter



Xander Cooper (better known in the Manchester region)

The Judge



Plus some great upcoming talents such as:


Blue Thunder

Eddie Sky

Cyrus Draeger

Johnny Breeze


Tickets for the show are available to purchase online at http://www.theticketsellers.co.uk/tickets/...861?ref=let_aft


Tickets are

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Arrrhhh Thought it was :) Maybe ill pop down for this show


Thanks Benny



Yes Xander is a very good talent, as well as many others that's that'll be performing on the night. It's good to know that you're interested in coming along to the show.


Again if you want purchase a ticket feel free to order online through ticketsellers




Or if you prefer you can contact me personally for a ticket

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Although not officially involved, we at WAR are supporting LCW and helping as best we can. Looking forward to seeing what comes from this debut show :)


And Xander Cooper is a great young talent! Solid work, amazing attitude - definitely one to watch.

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I just want to say thanks for all of the messages of good feedback that I've been receiving . It's been great to know that so many people are interested in coming to watch the show, plus the workers who want to be apart of it too.


I look forward to seeing you all at the show

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