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Tell Me Your Favourite Song


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Hi guys, I'm sick to death of listening to the same old stuff on my iPod on the way to work every morning, so I thought this would be a good opportunity for people to each nominate their all time favourite song and beef my playlist up a bit!


Reasons as to why it's your favourite song would be pretty cool too. Is it by your favourite band or is it by someone out of the ordinary? Does it have a specific emotional attachment to you? etc.


I'll get the ball rolling..

Master of Puppets - Metallica (S&M Live version)


For me this song has everything. The most exciting and beastliest riff ever, great solos and awesome drumming by Lars. I've chosen the 'S&M' live version specifically as the orchestral accompaniments enhance it x1000, this along with the great live atmosphere and Hetfield's astonishing vocals that night never fail for me to completely lose myself in the song every time, and never ever bored of it.


Over to you..

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Of all time? I couldn't possibly narrow it down to one but...


Sasha - Xpander: I'm emotionally attached to this song because it's almost solely responsible for some of the best times in my life, by getting me into dance music. It's also on my favorite mix of all time. Musically it's awesome anyway, swirling spacey synths and dirty prog-house beats...probably the greatest dance music song of all time for me, takes me to a different universe. At twelve minutes it takes time to get into, but it's addictive as fuck once you start loving it.


The radio edit is only three minutes or so, maybe best to check that out first if you aren't into dance or progressive already, but here's the original anyway: http://www.mediafire.com/?c9ztoly9n2t


There was a thread only a week or so again about people's 'top five songs of the moment' or something, so maybe it's worth checking that out as well.

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If we're talking my favourite song of all time I'd go with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as I grew up being a huge fan of their music.


If you mean at the moment, that's much more difficult as my favourite varies week to week or sometimes even day to day.

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