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Welsh Wrestling "GrandSLAM"

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For the past six years, Welsh Wrestling has been running spot shows in Town Halls and Theatres all over Wales, using local wrestlers such as Kade Callous, Big Dog, Tommy Dean, Dafydd Rhys, The Masked Outlaw and Stevie Starr, and mixing them up with other British wrestlers such as James Mason, Danny Garnell, Joel Redman, Karl Kramer, JD Knight and T-Bone. These shows have entertained fans in towns all over the country in one night extravaganzas, and helped cement Welsh Wrestling as arguably the top promotion in Wales.


Now, new for 2011, Welsh Wrestling debuts GrandSLAM, a bi-monthly show featuring exciting storylines using the promotions top stars as well as up and coming wrestlers direct from The Welsh Wrestling Academy. This is new territory for Welsh Wrestling, but it

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