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The Dart

All Star Wrestling results

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heyguys ,


anybody attend all star at Oakengates Telford

Fri 22nd Feb ??






Apparently Friday 8 March at Corn Exchange, Ipswich sees the Hooligans v Rampage Brown and Robbie Dynamite in a Steel Cage Match!

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Aldershot's Princes Hall was filled to the rafters last night, in their biggest Wrestling crowd in over 20 years saw a mixture of regular and new faces in the All Star Ring, but the spectactors were blessed with a Spectacular of a show with something for everyone. French Champion Heddi Karaoui was first in the ring to take on London favourite James Mason, with the Bermondsey born emerging as the first winner of the evening. Superslam Champion Rampage Brown and Party Marty Scurle fought out what some seanoned followers said is a contender for match of the year before the title holder snatched victory. The UK Kid made his debut in All Star rings with a ten minute win of the London newcomer Mucleman Leon Shah . Kids favourite the Fearless Flatliner had everyone in stitches except his opponent Warren Brady. The Rumble featured the first six wrestlers plus they were joined by outspoken American Sam Adonis who drew number one in the rumble list and he was joined at two and three respectively by Damien James and Owen Phoneix. Antonio De Luca, Behnan Ali, and Eddie Ryan all joined the over the top event before the Frenchman was the first to be eliminated and ordered back to the dressing room by referee Frankie Sloan. James Mason was a surprise knockout half way through the event, and the final four saw Adonis and Brown team up against Shah and Scurle. Shah was first out before the anglo American duo doubleteamed Scurle. Brown was eliminated before the biggest chear of the night saw the PartyMan and Runner up in the TNA event Marty emerge victorious to go forward as another one through in the KIng of the Rumble event.

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Results from tonights All Star show at Corn Exchange, Ipswich


Marty Scrull beat Nathan Cruz with a Death Valley Driver


Charlie Rage beat Jonny Storm with a Spear


Leon Shah beat UK Kid with a sit down Chokeslam.


Interval. Interval was meant to be 30 minutes to allow the cage to be put up for the second half. This over-ran to 45 minutes. During this time the audience were asked to leave the area whilst the ring was put up.


Sam Adonis beat Warren Brady & Colossus Kennedy in a Triple Threat Cage match by exiting through the door.


Rampage Brown & Robbie Dynamite beat The Hooligans in a Tag Team Cage match.

The rules were that both members of each team had to escape the cage to win. Bex escaped first but went back in to save Bud. Bud then did the same. Bud and Rampage then escaped at the same. Robbie & Bex escaped at roughly the same time with Bex just hitting the floor first. However the ref was busy pulling apart a brawl between Bud & Rampage and missed Robbie throwing Bex back in the cage. When the ref turned around he saw Rampage & Robbie out of the cage and awarded them the match. Great Finish.


Ref: Frankie Sloan

Crowd: 250 approx


A good show overall. The crowd were really into the first half and the guys worked hard. The 45 minute interval was far too long though and the venue had no chairs for people to wait. This was hard for many of the older members in the audience as there no where to realistically go apart from proping up the bar. Many of the kids were getting frustrated as well. I think this showed in the Triple Threat as the crowd were much more quite compared to the first half.


The Tag Cage was a cracking main event though. Again the crowd were a little slow to get into it however they really bought the false escapes. The guys worked their butts off in this match and it really showed. The crowd were HOT for the screw job finish. If All Star adhere to the storyline, The Holligans vs Rampage/Dynamite will face in a rematch the next time they're in Ipswich only this time under TLC rules.

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Thread resurrection for this afternoon's epic showdown at Reading's Hexagon.

Match 1 Vito Peru Vs Tony Spitfire

Vito Peru bested Tony Spitfire with some underhanded tactics and a sunset flip over the top rope.

Match 2 Johnny Storm Vs Dean Allmark

Always a pleasure to see the XPW Europe Champion. For my money match of the afternoon. After a hard-fought cruiserweight encounter where they traded pinfalls back forth until Deano pinned Johnny for the win with handstand pinning combination.

Match 3 Mixed Tag - Lord Robin Lekeme & Lady Lorie Vs James Mason & Erin Angel

Erin Angel hit the unprettier on Lady Lorie and Mason did a standing senton on Lekeme for the win.

Match 4 Superstar Championship Match Oliver Grey aka Joel Redman (C) Vs Tyson T-Bone

Grey wins with a superkick followed by an RKO for the pinfall.

Match 5 Tag Match The Henchman Big Jim & Big T Justice Vs Dean Allmark & Lucha The Flying Eagle

Deano & Lucha hit a double 619 on the dastardly duo then double hip toss Big Jim onto Justice for the big win. It was like being at Wrestlemania.

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