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  1. Most of the Lloyd-Webber ones from the 80s were off their heads. "Starlight Express", "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Coat", "Cats". I'll forgive him about "Chess" because most of ABBA wrote that, and it could easily be turned into a film. "Phantom of the Opera" was class though.

  2. Here is a cracker by Chicago - "Hard Habit to Break"... I love Peter Cetera (the singer). He pops up in a lot of duets in the 80s and also did the "Karate Kid 2" theme. Got that Ric Flair "Spartacus" hair in this video though.


    You can't get more camper than Earth Kitt & Bronski Beat (Jimmy Sommerville-less. New Singer). Here they are with "Cha Cha Heels".


  3. I remembered about the last film I went to see. Some very odd Scottish football film, directed by Robert Duvall, starring Michael Keaton and bloody Ally McCoist in a lead role. It's mental. "A Shot At Glory" I think it was called. Don't think I've ever seen it on TV. I remember there were was a big hoopla because Duvall was directing it, but it was shite. Taking a little village team to the Scottish Cup Final was the story, I think. Trying to be "Local Hero".

  4. 7 hours ago, Merzbow said:

    I don't remember that at all but there was an infamous one with the kid about to stand on a broken bottle at the beach.

    Yes, I remember it. A bunch of kids running along the beach and just before one of the brats put their foot on the glass the camera stops and then it freezes.

    Some of those PIF's are terrifying. Hasn't been a good one since that "Drink Driving" one with Denise Van Outen (before she was anybody).

    ADDED: One that was banned where a guy shoots somebody in the head at his own dinner table hit the mark though. Banned. Can't even find it on Youtube.

  5. On 5/4/2020 at 2:46 AM, Fox Piss said:

    Hall for me is the go to pick of bodies. He was huge but well in proportion. The guys height gets lost on TV somehow in some Bermuda triangle way Billy Gunn does too. Plus he rocks a bandana better than the Hulkster. 

    Scott Hall's tan seems to change as well. Goes from being the bright right tomato AWA look to the brown Razor Ramon look. 

  6. Something about King Cobra's in the National Geographic section that I don't think should be on a kids channel.

    ADDED: It's mental if you try to leave the NowTV Movie Pass section. Sometimes they discount you to £2.40 from £11.99 per month. Must really need you.

  7. On 4/8/2020 at 3:01 PM, GeronimoJacksBeard said:

    The above seems to have been the general consensus from what i've seen. Which is understandable, The Funhouse was very insidery and was playing off a whole load of references that required some knowledge of the past 30 years of WWE. A 9 year old won't care about that and only knows one version of John Cena.

    Exactly. You couldn't just show somebody it "cold". They'd have to really know their shit about the two people in it and a few old shows.

    ADDED: They could use the small snippet of Animotion - "Obsession" but can't use it on their Network shows?

    Where does the feud leave Cena now? I'll spoiler in case..


    He looked absolutely emotionally spent. Cena always has great facial movement. He looked fucked. Is he done for good or does something happen again with him and Wyatt?

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