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  1. 36 minutes ago, unfitfinlay said:

    Throw in the lack of opportunities there, the fact that it was a political minefield, and how desperate the WWF were for talent, I think Dustin jumping was inevitable.

    Yeah. Look who Jim Ross hired. Steve Austin, Van Vader, Cactus Jack, Johnny B Badd, Brian Pillman, 2 Cold Scorpio, Barry Windham, Ron Simmons. Dustin Rhodes was jumping to WWF sooner or later. Ross was taking all his ex-WCW mates with him.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Loki said:

    As someone who has digital copies of everything he's done in music or sound since 1997 this amazes me - did LAW just broadcast live and not record it?

    Pretty much. Meltzer did the same thing. All those Eyada shows he did, and there's only a select bunch out there. Wade Keller has everything he'd done. WWE obviously has. WWE even has all the old hotline recordings. In wrestling its pot luck. You either have these proper archivists or you have people who cant be arsed. Its a shame.

  3. No chance you'll find them, sadly. I've tried for years to find them and gave up around 2011. In 19 years, there hasnt been 2 seconds of audio from them. The audience for a Dynamite Kid radio show prior to broadband and everyone having access to unlimited internet was so small, I doubt there are any copies of it anywhere in the world.

  4. Terry Funk for me is the only proper wrestler to still work in his 70s. Dory and Lou Thesz just roll and do takedowns. Mad old cunt Terry was still bumping and taking ladders to the head for House of Hardcore a few years back.

    Poor Terry lost his wife recently, and by all accounts he's took is (understandably) bad. I think we may have seen the last of him in a ring.

  5. 54 minutes ago, Seratonin said:

    I am actually going to donate.

    Vampiro's shoot was amazing. Claims to have stayed in Alistair Crowley's house. Says he has two spirits following him

    Mate, he just got outted for trying to rob Kizarny's wrestling school from under him in Las Vegas, and began selling shirts with their IP all over it. Vamp is pretty clued up. As entertaining as he is, he's pretty much a massive fraud.

  6. The best thing about the KOTR is for the wrestlers to find the most creative ways not to wear the crown (because they usually look shit.) Bret got a good kicking afterwards and never wore it again. Austin just walked past it. Triple H smashed it against Mankind's head. Angle got laughed at, because he looked fittingly daft and stopped wearing it.

    The first PPV KOTR crown and septre (that Bret won) was actually one that Jerry Lawler had in his house. WWF's attention to detail and expense on props was at an all time low in 1993, that they asked Lawler to bring one for the angle himself.

  7. If Raw was cut down to 2 hours, this Drake Maverick gimmick and "The Fiend" would be all time classic characters for me. The fact Raw and the PPVs are 900 minutes each intimidates people to put their investment into the shows, but Maverick and the Fun House skits have been as good as anything I've seen in years.

    The entrance of the Fiend is incredible. Another @Astro Hollywood blog might be on the cards for this character. From Evil Mr Rogers to a mentalist Skipkot member.

  8. 2 weeks after SummerSlam 97, I watched it on DSF. With no internet and wrestling still being shockingly uncool to the lads at school, I had to wait a fortnight to see it. The Saturday night was actually night of the Princess of Wales car crash. I was sleeping at my mate Simon's that night. His Mam dropped me off at my house and I was greeted by my Dad at the door with the words "Princess Diana's dead and Bret Hart won the belt."

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