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  1. I thought they missed a trick not putting all the Hart Foundation in. Then they could have gotten all the dead blokes in together.

    Harry Smith should beĀ in the Hall of Fame on his own the way he battered that lad last year.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Snitsky's back acne said:

    Just for the purposes of clarification - the 'n-word' audio is of Jim quoting someone else.Ā 

    It isnt. The quote from someoneĀ else (legendary rapist Jimmy Del Ray)Ā was "what do you want me to do?" and as a promoter he respondedĀ "I said get that fucking n-gger out of here."

  3. I thought AEW was pretty shite this week to be honest. Its settled into this half decent at best wrestling show, which is not what was on the menu when they announced this promotion. That win/loss system has been so poorly thought out and has already ran into trouble. Jungle Boy is 0-10. Yet he's supposedly their next big act. You cant have all these people booking the show. Its the exact thing people bury WWE for. Every segment looks like its been booked by someone completely different.

  4. 50/50 booking and a shit womens division wasnt what was promised at the start of this venture. Man for man/woman for woman, NXT probably has the better roster as well. Take Jericho out of AEW, and who else is there on his level? I like Cody's character, but he doesnt dominate the show like Jericho has the ability to do. They really should have spent that 8 months looking for talent, rather than looking for their best friends Grandad's mate from the pub who wants a job.

  5. 11 hours ago, King Pitcos said:

    My best mate had Sky and collected the WWF cards, that was what got me into it.

    The WWF cards are exactly why I got into wrestling. I used to watch Rock n Wrestling on CITV, but that was as appealing as wanting to see Fred Flintstone in the town centre. It wasnt until my mate had all them cards that it looked so tempting. Our video shop had loads in, but since Hulk Hogan was the only one I knew (didnt even know it was called WWF really), I asked him if he had any "Hulk Hogan films." And he gave me No Holds Barred. I remember my Dad saying he'd get me the proper one the day after sitting through that shite for 90 minutes. The first video we rented was SummerSlam 89. Which had Zeus in it as well, so I must have thought he was like Ric Flair or something.

    I remember there was about a fortnight period where my Dad and brother rented a video every night of the WWF stuff. All the SummerSlams, the Royal Rumbles, Survivor Series. Never gave much of a toss about WrestleMania in all honesty. They werent half as entertaining. My brother bought me loads of figures as well. People used to sell them in the paper. Mad to think now, but he got Andre and Akeem along with Demolition, one Nasty Boy and 5 or 6 others for about a fiver. Andre and Akeem were impossible to find in the town.

    Everything was WWF for me back then. I was into Turtles, Batman and Ghostbusters, but the WWF had everything. Cards, stickers, figures, computer games, magazines, comics, an arcade, a cartoon, films and you could see them live. Real people, not blokes with foam heads on. Everything a kid that you could possibly be into, the WWF had you covered.

  6. Its like when Red Dwarf would always have a cameo from someone Craig Charles was shagging in the early 90s. Everyone is getting a mate or a husband in.

    Leatherface Page getting in the face of the new bodyguard would have been cool in about six months. Not a fortnight after he debuted. That big guy (who isnt as big as DDP) lookedĀ a right tosser. Its like Diesel showing up in 93 and Jay Strongbow not backing down from him.

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