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  1. ThommoLincs

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    Not a chance in hell they will acknowledge a man who admitted to shoving a shotgun under his sleeping wife's chin on tv.
  2. ThommoLincs

    Fallout 76

    I'm still not sold on the concept of the game, vut will probably sink a good hundred hours or so in to it before making up my mind. Story wise, so far, nothing seems to be grabbing my attention. I've just been dicking around in a very central location. The lack of NPC's is jolting.
  3. So ICW announced last night at the sold out Barramania that Fear & Loathing VIII will be held at the SECC Arena on November 15th. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster and are only £25. Have to say this is a massive step up for any promotion and I'm massively excited to see how they can pull it off. Anybody planning on attending? What are your thoughts on this?