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  1. Apparently, once charged they are suspended indefinitely pending the outcome.
  2. Good riddance. Roided little Mexican wannabe.
  3. You NEED to go to the police about this. It’s abhorrent and not needed. Roy thinks he’s a big man spouting shit all the time, giving it the “I’m hard I am.” It’s complete bollocks.
  4. After watching the video, I’d summise that rather than being up all night because he’s angry. He’s been up all night with a razor, mirror and some of Columbia’s finest.
  5. Yet another example of why Wrestlers and Promotions should employ a professional PR person. The most aggressive, poorly written statement so far and that’s saying something.
  6. It’s the first one that I’ve spent away from them. So I guess that’s why it was so hard. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it .
  7. Thankfully I was able to work yesterday at short notice so that helped take my mind off of it. Didn’t make it any easier when every person was saying Happy Fathers Day on the radio seemingly every five minutes. I struggle with mental health issues at the best of times and yesterday was the worst day in a while. I thought I’d be able to shrug it off today but if anything it’s worse. Hell I’m crying as I write this.
  8. This threads about to go nuclear. On another note, I’ve mentioned this a few times on here, I had the unfortunate task of flyering for an upcoming show with the pair of them. All they spoke about constantly was “raping chicks” I had the misfortune to spend the rest of the day and evening with them whilst feeling utterly disgusted.
  9. Really struggling today. My two kids are with their mum and she won’t even consider me speaking to them let alone seeing them.
  10. Mad Man Manson knew the truth about Ligero. Shows how unaware some companies are though that PCW haven’t thought to take this down already.
  11. Phil Powers is one to talk. Worked one show with him in Scotland many years ago and despised the cunt.
  12. Brock Lesnar for me. Seemed to be in much better ring shape when he was gassed to the gills. In recent times he seems like he’s about to die after a few minutes in the ring.
  13. Just wait until someone watches Only Fools and Horses.
  14. ThommoLincs


    She’s quite an insecure person if I’m brutally honest. Always asking if we are ok and such like. The subject of me looking at her personal emails and messages etc has never come up. My attitude towards that is that somethings are private and if you have something to hide it all comes out in the end. Theres an age gap of 12 years, which may be part of the differing attitudes towards it. Completely agree on couples having joint social media though. Creepy as fuck.
  15. ThommoLincs


    Should have mentioned that it’s not the first time she’s done this and when I bought it up the first time she got all defensive and kept saying that if I’ve got nothing to hide then she doesn’t see what the problem is.
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