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    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    And if not, tell her you'll take her some where hot and sunny the year after for sure and head to Mexico for Triplemania.
  2. ThommoLincs


    Honestly, when i was battling my issues with coke this was the furthest thought from my mind, and is probably very similar to most other users. I genuinely didn't give a single fuck where it was coming from so long as it was coming to me. As part of my recovery I've looked into the actual production and distribution of cocaine as a way of educating myself and hopefully building up that level of guilt so that should the urge to re-use become too strong I can use this information as another tool to say no. The whole production, distribution and everything else that goes on with all drugs, especially coke is absolutely terrifying. I'll certainly be picking up this book to get another slant on it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and everything else you've helped with.
  3. ThommoLincs

    Documentary Thread #2

    Anyone know where I cam watch the docu-drama about rockstar games that was on BBC 2 a few years back starring Daniel Radcliife?
  4. So ICW announced last night at the sold out Barramania that Fear & Loathing VIII will be held at the SECC Arena on November 15th. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster and are only £25. Have to say this is a massive step up for any promotion and I'm massively excited to see how they can pull it off. Anybody planning on attending? What are your thoughts on this?