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  1. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    What time does new years dash start tomorrow morning? (UK time) Thanks
  2. The 2018 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery (And Thunderball!)

  3. How was your 2017?

    A year of many many highs and the lowest I'll hopefully ever be. Started the year with a promotion and pay rise up to high five figures in a job I love and am good at. Two beautiful children and loving wife. Went into the depths of a cocaine addiction which very nearly cost me everything I hold dear. My wife has to be the strongest person in the world to del with everything the last 6 months have thrown at her. Ive been through rehab and continue to go to NA four times a week. Hopefully I've got it beaten and 2018 will be better. It's a daily struggle but I'm determined to continue to grow stronger.
  4. 205 Live

    The sooner Spud turns up the better. I'm not saying that he'llsave the show or anything like that. However him and Enzo on the Mic should be golden.