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  1. When I say that it was constant throughout the day I wouldn't be over exaggerating. I'd hope that it was a poorly judge immature joke, especially as he does now seem like a genuinely nice bloke.
  2. Some various stories of meeting wrestlers and personalities. Chris Kanyon outside a hotel just before Wtestlemania 20. An absolute gentleman who had all the time in the world for us. Paul London the night of the 2004 Hall of Fame. Spent around half an hour chatting to him. He explained that he was pissed off that he was the only cruiserweight not booked on Wrestlemania and that he had asked for permission to skip to Hall of Fame to attend the ROH show nearby so that he could take milk and cookies to the guys working it. D-Von Dudley, asked him for an autograph after Wrestlemania
  3. My big one is to continue to be clean and sober. Up until April 28th of this year I was massively into cocaine. Because of this I lost my job, very nearly lost my family and came to within a few minutes of ending it all. On April 28th I had my last line. Came clean to my family and have been in recovery since. It hasn't been easy and I'd be lying if I said there haven't been times when I've had to fight really hard to resist the temptation of one gram won't hurt, but I have. In all honesty, the last year with pubs being closed and socialising limited, it's been more of a bl
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