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  1. I honestly don't know and thats the problem. I also find it difficult to open up and talk about how I am feeling to family and friends as well. The only way I can describe it is that I wake up on a daily basis and just want the day to end.
  2. I'd say that he definitely has a problem with alcohol. Looking at the change in shape of his nose over the last few years, he's more than likely got a problem with the columbian as well.
  3. I've always struggled with low moods etc, however the last month has been horrendous. I split with my partner of 12 years back in January as she was cheating. Feeling low I self medicated with cocaine but stopped that pretty sharpish as I could feel myself sliding further mentally. I completely broke down about 2 weeks ago and finally fessed up to how I was feeling to the doctor who prescribed 50mg Sertraline to start. Two weeks later that's been increased to 100mg. Tofay was my first day back at work and I spent the entire morning working myself into a state to the point of walking into work and completely breaking down on a senior manager and being sent home. Every day is a constant struggle and I don't know how much more l can take
  4. Took a piss next to Randy Orton at the 2004 Hall Of Fame Ceremony....He smelt divine. On the same trip the murderous cunt Jimmy Snuka was everywhere we went, to the point I thought he was my shadow.
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