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  1. Half the roster are on the Jericho cruise, so there's no false advertising here I suspect. Cole and Danielson will be at the tapings.
  2. Love Danhausen and have barely seen a single match of his, seems to be par for the course for most. I think he will be big but not in the wrestling world. He could easily be a host of those horror movie marathons that are big here in the States, think of him as a male Elvira effectively. His character work is great to the point even Conan O' Brien had him on his podcast and he's getting some cool unique merch opportunities too, he's got a guitar pedal coning out on Halloween which I'm dying to get!
  3. Tony did an interview with Bar Stool sports yesterday and confirmed he was Coach Tony K on the DVDR forums. He was the instigator of the infamous wrestling sleaze thread then in that case which is amazing.
  4. It's since been reported now that this wasn't agreed to and was in fact a "receipt" from the other guy who has admitted as much on his Facebook. Supposedly more wrestlers than fans at this too, something like 15 or so fans reported. What the fuck.
  5. Been on here a while but never posted a pic. I'm big into punk and I travel to as many shows as I possibly can across the US, even 2021 TNA!
  6. Uno comes across as the nicest dude ever and his blog is so chill. He's been putting in the work too outside of AEW as he's doing a lot of indy dates including the last two PWG shows.
  7. See my first post where it says "good showing on TV". There are two TV shows, which is what I was referring to. Brush up on your comprehension skills kiddo.
  8. Completely missing the point, 2 hours to 3 is not doubling btw.
  9. Vastly different eras of AEW you could argue, would be good to compare the roster size now to that time period. Bobby Fish hasn't set the world alight anywhere he's been and being in a faction with three far more talented people doesn't count. Ricky has future star written all over him so very different scenarios. When you have three hours of TV a week and can often go weeks without seeing PAC, Fenix, Andrade, Ricky and many others, and the spot is taken up by 44 year old Bobby Fish, then it's a little criminal.
  10. So I was in NY last week for Arthur Ashe and went to the two GCW shows the following nights. First night after GCW I met and chatted with Marko Stunt for over an hour and that was focused on mostly music stuff. The second night however, Santana and Homicide enter the bar I'm in with some people, one of whom is their agent/manager guy. We're drinking until like 4am and chatting away - mostly normal stuff as I don't wish to bother them with wrestling stuff but the manager mentioned a few times that there is now growing concern among some AEW originals that the roster is getting too bloated and some are getting upset. That's all that was said, and I didn't probe on it. You'd have to be a little pissed alright if you see them bringing in Bobby Fish next week for a TNT title shot, over the plethora of guys they already have at their disposal and who could do with a good showing on TV.
  11. The one really admirable thing about this also with the AEW shows I've been to so far - they never really had wrestler specific shirts and it was all AEW branded stuff at the merch stands, apart from Brodies shirt. Really shows how they went out of the way to help them out. That'll be different now with the Punk shirts printing money but it was really nice.
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