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Results of the 2004 UKFF's Own Awards


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So, the results are finally in. First of all, let me say a big thanks to the Paid Members of the UKFF who nominated and all those who voted on the awards.


The UKFF's Own Awards


UKFFer of 2004: JNLister with 27.75% of votes

Runner up: tiger_rick with 18.50% of votes


UKFF Dolt of 2004: tommyboi with 32.56% of votes

Runner up: dandaman619619 with 15.12% of votes


UKFF Most Memorable Post of 2004: Feinstein Exposed with 52.60% of votes

Runner up: The GWF & Kenny McBride Saga with 38.31% of votes


UKFF Most Shameless Plugger Award 2004: dandaman619619 with 45.34% of votes

Runner up: bagga1 with 33.54% of votes


UKFF At, Not With Award 2004: tommyboi with 32.72% of votes

Joint Runners up: MackemMan & King Slim, both with 19.14% of votes


UKFF LOL Award 2004: JNLister with 32.21% of votes

Runner up: Sickboy with 20.13% of votes


UKFF Feud of 2004: Penis Suplex Vs Anyone with 53.06% of votes

Runner up: The Gay Clique Vs danthebruiser & fans with 20.41% of votes

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