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Pro Wrestling in Milton Keynes - featuring a UKFF'er!

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Morning all,


So, long story short - after doing lots of music for wrestlers I went down to a training academy to learn to bump for a laugh.

I've been wrestling for about year, and will be at this show - the biggest Apex Wrestling one of the year (based in Milton Keynes). I'm fighting for the Rising Championship. A really cool testament to my progress of the past year :)

Details are below - will try to post the flyer once I figure out how.


Glory - The Biggest Wrestling Show in Milton Keynes

Date: 28th of July
Doors Open: 3:00 PM
Event Starts: 3:30 PM

Experience the electrifying action and drama of professional wrestling at "Glory," the most anticipated wrestling event of the year in Milton Keynes for all the family! Witness an unforgettable afternoon as all championships are put on the line. Be there live to see:

- **Heavyweight Champion Spike Trivet**
- **A Division Champion Morris**
- **HTTB Women's Champion Millie McKenzie**
- **Tag Team Champions 666 Pack**
- **Rising Champion Sam Steel**

...and many more incredible wrestlers!

**Please Note:** The card is subject to change. No refunds will be issued unless the event is cancelled.

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