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upon reflection maybe things weren't so good.


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This could go in either the wrestling section or normal life, However I was talking to someone the other day about my time in wrestling when i was 13 (As I've mentioned some of the stories in the #meto thread) But there were things i used to sit and remember and smile from ear to ear feeling quite proud or happy that I was apart of XYZ. But things weren't as they seemed.

For example I was young and quite excitable but I was so passionate and dedicated (at 14 I used to travel for shows in Grimsby from Bolton at 4:30am by myself 3 weekends a month at one point) So when I was on a show with someone like spud at the time I was really proud and happy to be on the show and pick his brains. Now I get I must have come off like a kid but I remember him giving me the nickname Mark Strawberry which I didn't get the connotations of the nickname at the time but now i'm nearly 30 I think what a dick......why treat someone that way. 

has anyone had any interactions with wrestlers or whatever where at the time you think it's all good but upon reflection they were complete and utter dicks 

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