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Best of Necro Early days (Tasw) & Best of Yoshitsune


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I have this Necro DVD, possibly the one you're looking for.

Best of Necro Butcher 1999-2000
IHW-Insane Hard-Core Wrestling
IHW-Necro's debut vs. Damon Richards-Jan 1999 No DQ IHW Tv Championship (Death Wish 1999)
IHW-Necro vs. Damon Richards-Mar 1999 2/3 Falls IHW H***C*** Title (X-Treme Combat 1999)
IHW-The Kongs (former WCW) vs. Necro Butcher & Hellhammer-Apr 1999 Nonsanctioned Death Match (IHW 1 Year Anniversary) <---craziest match I ever promoted
TASW-Texas All Star Wrestling
TASW-Music Video-Necro Butcher vs. "the Late" Brother Icarus (who died two years later)-Brass Knuckles Championship 2000 **The Bloodiest match in TASW X Year History**
TASW-Necro Butcher vs. Jon 9.9-Brass Knuckles Championship 2000
TASW-Damon Richards vs. Necro Butcher
TASW-Music Video-Necro Butcher vs. Canyon-Brass Knuckles Championship 2000
TASW-Promo/TASW Music Video featuring Necro & Hotstuff-2000
-Bonus Footage-
Necro vs. (TNA, AJPW) Hotstuff Hernandez-1 2000 TASW Championship MUSIC VIDEO
Necro vs. (TNA, AJPW) Hotstuff Hernandez-2 2000 Brass Knuckles Championship ANYTHING GOES **COMPLETE MATCH**

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