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RAW & Smackers Monthly Recommendation Thread

Accident Prone

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So I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I'll outline it anyway.

RAW and Smackdown aren't uploaded straight away to the WWE Network after airing. Rather, they are on a one month delay. 

So this here thread is to be used to help us folk who want to catch up on WWE's best TV output. 

As we've just pushed past the first RAW of March, it's now safe to ask the question;

What are the best matches, moments and angles from January's editions of RAW and Smackdown?

I'll list all the recommendations in this post as we go on, and I'll ask for February's recommendations at the start of April, so by years end (well, Feb 2020) we'll have a handy list of all the good stuff that RAW and Smackdown provided in 2019.

Also, if we want to go ahead and bring up matches that aren't on the Network, please fire away!

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