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RISE: Games Of Death Leeds 23/03/19


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RISE - England's Maddest Wrestling Show - has been revolutionising Hardcore Wrestling in the UK and now the double Champion Big F'n Joe defends both his coveted RISE Championship & RISE Hardcore Title against 7 others in the first ever G.O.D Tournament!

The Games of Death 2019!! Sheaf St, Leeds.

- Big F'n Joe (Champion)
- The Hipster Heartthrob Casanova Valentine
(Star of VICE's 'The Hardcore World of Deathmatch Wrestling')
- European Hardcore Icon - Iceman
- Dr. Leonardo Darwin
- Mr. Danny O'doherty
- Micheal Caden
- ?
- ?

All info to come // Tickets on sale now at https://bit.ly/2SCl5oy


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