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Hidden gems in your local area

Gus Mears

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Inspired by nerve agent poisoning, what landmarks near where you live aren't given the attention they deserve?

People took the piss recently when those two Russian GRU agents gave a ludicrous interview claiming that they traversed Europe on a day trip to see Salisbury Cathedral, but it's what made me open this thread. 


If you are ever visiting Wiltshire, don't bother with Stonehenge. It's dull, overpriced and best seen at Solstice. Instead, get yourselves down to Salisbury cathedral, see the Magna Carta, admire "it's famous 123-metre spire" and do it all for free. 

Similarly, if you're in the West Country, I would bin spending £30 on visiting Longleat and instead take a trip around the beautiful forests which surround it and take a walk to Heaven's Gate to see a grand old view of some pristine countryside (again, completely free):


What similarly undiscovered (at least in relative terms) places should be seen near where you live?

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