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Who Is your Champ

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Little idea for a topic. Who do you assoiciate with the current belts. Rules are it has to be somone from the modern era as opposed to say Honky and the intercontinental etc. I will say you can go back about 7 years to make your choices. Have at it. 

WWE Universal Champion.


 Got to be Brock for me. Feels like he was champion forever. 

WWE Championship.


 For me this is AJ. I know he is extremely current but I always associate this belt with him now.

Intercontinental Champion. 


Cody brought back the white strap belt so wins this hands down for me. I always loved Cody, still do actually. 

US Title. 


Dean Ambrose is one of my favourites and I think he looked the business with the US title. I especially love when he turned up at NXT and told Neville he was a cunt. 

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.


The Brothers Hardy win this one for me. Easily in my top 5 tag teams of all time. Was an incredible moment when they returned.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions. 


Never met anyone that does not like The Usos. Phenomenal team and always who I think of when the blue belts appear. 

WWE Raw Women Championship.


Tough choice between Alexa and Charlotte but Bliss just tips this one for me. 

WWE Smackdown Womens Championship.


 Can’t see past Charlotte for this one. Not much else to add. 

205 Championship. 


Love Kendrick. How can you not. 

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