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MASSIVE Wrestling Clearout


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So I realised that I have lost a lot of my passion and a load of my stuff is just collecting dust so thought I would make a few quid for Xmas. These are all original DVDs unless otherwise stated. Offer away lads...


20 Years Too Soon: Superstar Billy Graham Story - R1
Best Of King of the Ring
Best Of Saturday Night Main Event 
Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches - R1
Bret Hart: The Best There Is
D Generation X
DX: New & Improved - R1
ECW Extreme Rules - R1
Edge: A Decade Of Decadence - R1
Greatest Stars Of The 90's
Greatest Superstars Of The 21st Century
History Of The IC Title - R1
History Of The WWE Championship - R1
Insurrextion 2002
Insurrextion 2003
Hulk Still Rules - R1
Hulk Hogan: Ultimate Anthology - R1
Jake The Snake: Pick Your Poison - SOLD
King Of The Ring 1993/King Of The Ring 1994
Ladder Match
Life & Times Of Mr Perfect - R1
Most Powerful Families In Wrestling
No Way Out 2002
Raw 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition (10th Anniversary/Monday Night Wars/Best Of Intercontinental Championship)
Raw: Best Of 2010
Rey Mysterio 619
Road Warriors: Life & Death Of The Most Dominant Tag Team in Wrestling History - R1
Rob Van Dam: One Of A Kind
The Rock: Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment - R1
The Rock: People's Champ
Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior
Starrcade: The Essential Collection - SOLD
Summerslam 2002
Survivor Series 2009 (Steel Case)
Tombstone: History Of The Undertaker - R1
Triple H: King Of Kings
True Story Of Wrestlemania (Blu-Ray)
Twisted Disturbed Life Of Kane - R1
Year In Review 93/Year In Review 94
Undertaker: Deadliest Matches - R1
Vengeance 2003
Viva La Raza: The Legacy Of Eddie Guerrero - R1
World's Greatest Wrestling Manager
Wrestlemania 16


Academy: Havant 21 August 2004  - SOLD
Best Of Alex Shane
Blackpool Rock 2005
Enfield Round Robin Tournament 2005
Hotwired 2005
London Calling 2005
New Frontiers 2006
NOAH Limits 2005
Summer Classic 2005


4FW Greatest Matches
Beyond The Mat 
Body Slam (Heidenreich, Chris Daniels) - R1
CZW An Afternoon Of Main Events/Who's The Boss? - R1
CZW H8: 8th Anniversary - R1
CZW Best Of The Best V - R1
CZW Night Of Infamy 4 - R1
CZW Strictly CZW - R1
CZW When 2 Worlds Collide? - R1
ECW Extreme Evolution - R1
Forever Hardcore
Hardcore Homecoming
Heroes Of World Class: Story Of The Von Erichs
IWW 20 March 2005
JAPW: Best Of JAPW Vol. 1 - R1
IWA EC Enter The Realm Of Pain: This Is Mad Man Pondo - R1
Matt Hardy Show: Season 1 - R1
Matt Hardy Show: Season 4 - R1
Omega: Uncommon Passion
PWG Chanukah Chaos (The C's Are Silent) - R1
PWG Free Admission (Just Kidding) - R1
ROH Night Of Appreciation - R1
ROH Road To The Title - R1
ROH Scramble Madness - R1 - SOLD
Shooting Range
Superstars Of Wrestling: Ultimate Warfare (Steve Austin: Master Of Mayhem/Jeff Jarrett: In Your Face/Cactus Jack: No Holds Barred) - R1
TNA: One Night Only
Ultraviolent Underground Vol. 1 - R1
Unscarred: The Life Of Sick Nick Mondo - R1


Heroes 2005 Vol 1: The Beginning
Heroes 2005 Vol 3: Tournament Semi Finals 
Heroes 2006 Vol 1: Domination
K-1 Premium 2006: Dynamite
UFC 43 - R1
UFC 44 - R1
UFC 47 - R1
UFC 48 - R1
UFC 71 - R1
K-1 World GP 2006: The Final
PRIDE: Beasts From The East - R1
PRIDE: Bushido Vol 1 - R1 (2 copies)

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