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Wrestling Photographer For Hire


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If there is any wrestling companies needing photography for their events then let me know. Have been into my photography for a at least 12 years, recently spent £4.4k on my new canon 5D  IV with various accessories and a couple of lenses. I'm happy to do the first few for free to add to my portfolio and can also offer 4K video recording using the 5D

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Might be worth having some examples of your work readily available, as the people you're shilling yourself to know what a decent picture looks like, but won't necessarily know what's so special about a 5D Mark IV.

Gear means fuck all at the end of the day. There's some really shit wrestlers out there wearing really expensive gear. They look the part on first glance, but they can't back it up.

Back when I first started photographing shows, there weren't very many and there was only really Tony Knox that was putting out the really high quality work (using his Fuji S3 and 35mm prime lens). But now there's a lot more guys and the quality of their work is so much higher.

To put it into perspective, the guy that's been in talks with WWE recently about them using his work uses a Nikon D5200 with the kit lens. For £4.4k you could have bought the same set-up and had £3.7k to spend on hookers.


[Update: 18th August 2017]
The guy I was talking about, known around the scene as Airboy/Magic Bert/Bret Hadley, has now signed a contract with WWE.

With an "amateur" level camera and a plastic lens.

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