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Old VHS tapes being thrown

Phil Austin

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I'm moving house so need to get rid of quite a few boxes of old VHS wrestling tapes from my loft.

There's quite a mixture of stuff from various promotions in the collection. No list, and no guarantee what quality they will be in after being stored in the hot loft, but if anyone wants to salvage them all before they are thrown, then you can have them for free. Someone took a load already previously, but haven't heard back from him about getting more.

There are about 5 or 6 storage boxes full (including one plastic sack full) from what I can see (maybe more).

If you are available to pick them up from Hitchin around the weekend or evenings let me know. They will need to go asap though.

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Shared this post on my Facebook mate,  I've got a lot of wrestling fan friends on there. 

I'd love them myself, but a) I can't get to Hitchin and b) my VCR recently died. 

Good luck in shifting them though. 

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