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It's still about a month until the Money In The Bank show this year, but I've been thinking about watching some of the past MITB matches on the Network in the lead up.

From having a quick check, it looks like there's been 17 Money In The Bank Ladder matches since it started in 2005. Which ones are the best? Which ones are the worst? Which ones go in the middle?

I'm interested to find out how people find the matches themselves stand up as matches, rather than the subsequent cash-ins etc. Have any of them been classics, or outright stinkers?  What are people's top 3/top 5/top 17 MITB Ladder matches, and likewise people's least favourite ones. Where would you rank the moneys in the bank?

This is partly because, for me, a load of them just kind of blend into one and I find it hard to differentiate them from each other - especially since it got its own PPV and they had two on the same card sometimes.

I'd probably put WrestleMania 23's as my favourite, just for it being the one I can remember most about. Jeff Hardy's big dive through the ladder, Hornswoggle showing up, and Kennedy winning. But I can remember odd moments from some of the others - mostly dives from the likes of Benjamin and Bourne. 

So yeah, WrestleMania 23, and then probably the first one, and then a big mishmash of all the rest, hence my plans to watch the lot before this year's!

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