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SummerSlam 2017 trip planning


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Hi everyone,


I bumped into some kind of ad on fb this morning. A pro wrestler posted an announcement for an official SummerSlam tour happening this year.




The caption reads "The experience of a lifetime is happening! Join our trip to Summerslam 2017 organized by travel professionals!  :) One amazing week in New York City! All info on the flyer below and you know what? I will be there to guide you during the whole trip! Any questions? Send them to contact@id-international.eu" 


Seems quite good of an offer to me so I sent an email to the mentioned email address to ask for further info. Depending on what they'll reply I might consider the trip with 1 or 2 buddies of mine. I checked the company website, they seem legit. 


Anyone seen this before? 


Anyone planning a trip there? 

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I want to go, but I can't be dealing with buying all the tickets and stuff now with Mania coming up, so if I decide to go in a few months I'll have to rely on stubhub.


I probably won't go.


Makes sens! Though if I got this right, they buy the tickets for SS and Raw so we don't have to bother doing it. 

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Yeh if I go I'll be doing it the 'normal' way, not through that.


I went the last 2 years, but that was really as a substitute for not going to Mania, but this year I am going to Mania, and am planning to go next year, so will probably give Summerslam a miss, but I love New York so much.

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