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February 2017 Fight! Nation embark on a 3 date tour with Former WWE & current Lucha Underground star PJ Black plus WWE UK Championship Contenders Mark Andrews (current British Champion) & 'The Righteous' Joseph Conners.

That very same weekend we will also crown our first ever Z-Force Champion as the competitors set to trail blaze the future of British wrestling compete for a prize that many across the globe are already lining up for a shot at!


For more information including ticket information for all 3 dates head to http://www.facebook.com/fightnationuk



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Cards for this weekend


Friday 10th February / Westgate Hall, Canterbury - SOLD OUT


British Championship Match

Mark Andrews © vs Chris Ridgeway


1st time in their careers!

Timothy Thatcher vs PJ Black


Z-Force Championship 1st Round

Ryan Smile vs Robert Sharpe


Z-Force Championship 1st Round

Josh Bodom vs Jonny Storm

Liquid Dreams & Joseph Conners vs Sid Scala, Lewis Howley & Adam Maxted


Sammy Smooth vs James Castle


Saturday 11th February / My Skateworld, Eastbourne - Tickets: http://fightnation.bigcartel.com/product/eastbourne-with-pj-black-11th-feb-2017


PJ Black vs Mark Andrews


Z-Force Championship 1st Round

Sid Scala vs Chris Brookes


Z-Force Championship 1st Round

Lion Kid vs Ash Draven


Adam Maxted vs Joseph Conners


Jonny Storm & Ryan Smile vs Josh Bodom & Bryan Idol


Sunday 12th February / Weymouth Pavilion - Tickets: http://sa1.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/TicketRequest;jsessionid=E597543D17EC166D10037167D630B0E2?presenter=TLWEYMOUTH&eventId=-1&event=NWA0216&date=20170212


PJ Black vs Chris Ridgeway


Joseph Conners vs Mark Andrews


Z-Force Championship Semi Finals & Final


Legion of Lords Open Challenge

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NIGHT 1 - Chris Ridgeway shocks the Westgate Hall and becomes the NEW British Champion! 


In a shocking turn of events Ridgeway defeated Mark Andrews via pinfall after interference from James Castle & Sammy Smooth.


Ridgeway, Castle & Smooth will be in Eastbourne tonight and we expect them to address their actions!




Josh Bodom defeated Jonny Storm via Pinfall to advance to the Semi Final of the Z-Force Championship tournament


Bryan Idol beat Ash Draven via Pinfall


Ryan Smile won against Rob Sharpe via Pinfall after a nasty superkick!

PJ Black was victorious over Timothy Thatcher in a real clash of styles, PJ won via pinfall


James Castle defeated Sammy Smooth via pinfall


Sid Scala, Lewis Rowley & 'Flex' Adam Maxted scored a pinfall victory over Joseph Conners & Liquid Dreams leading to the in ring breakup of Liquid Dreams, where do Jakey & Brucey go from here???


British Championship Match

'Smashmouth' Chris Ridgeway scored victory over Mark Andrews via pinfall to become the NEW British Champion! 




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10/2 - Westgate Hall, Canterbury
Chapter III

Josh Bodom beats Jonny Storm via pinfall to advance to the Semi Final of the Z-Force Championship Tournament

Bryan Idol making his FIGHT! debut defeats Ash Draven via pinfall 

Ryan Smile gets the 1-2-3 vs Rob Sharpe after a nasty super kick to advance to the semi final of the Z-Force Championship tournament

PJ Black pins Timothy Thatcher after a springboard moonsault

James Castle gets the upper hand against Sammy Smooth via pinfall

'Savvy' Sid Scala, 'Lightning' Lewis Howley & 'Flex' Adam Maxted beat Liquid Dreams & Joseph Conners via pinfall, this lead to the public falling out and potentially break up of Liquid Dreams! 

'Smashmouth' Chris Ridgeway pinned Mark Andrews to become the British Champion after help from James Castle and......SAMMY SMOOTH!!! 



11/2 - MySkateWorld, Eastbourne

Sid Scala with a flash pinfall beat the debuting Chris Brookes to advance to the semi final of the Z-Force Championship tournament

After the win Scala was attacked by Ridgeway, Castle & Smooth making the save was 'Lightning' Lewis Howley who made a challenge to Ridgeway for the British Championship!!

Jonny Storm & Ryan Smile beat the team of Bryan Idol & Rob Sharpe 

'Flex' Adam Maxted got an impressive victory over Joseph Conners via pinfall

PJ Black defeated Josh Bodom via pinfall in an explosive match!

Ash Draven rolled up Lion Kid for the win after the whole building thought Kid got the 1-2-3 and Draven advanced to the semi final of the Z-Force Championship Tournament

Chris Ridgeway retained his British Championship via pinfall defeating 'Lightning' Lewis Howley



12/2 - Weymouth Pavilion, Weymouth
Dare 2 Dream

Chris Brookes beat Bryan Idol via pinfall, Chris Brookes made up for a debuting loss the night before and is set to make an impact in FIGHT! NATION

British World of Sport Legend & FIGHT! Commissioner for the evening Klondyke Kate got a rapturous welcome by the Pavilion crowd only to be interrupted by Rob Sharpe who in turn got the Klondyke Kate treatment!!! This in turn brought out Chris Ridgeway & James Castle who told the commish that even though she has already banned Sammy Smooth from the building there is nothing she can do in the British Championship Match, they were WRONG! Kate banned James Castle from Ringside!!! 

Ryan Smile whipped the crowd into a frenzy catching Ash Draven early with a springboard cutter to advance to the final of the Z-Force Championship Tournament.

Josh Bodom got the best of Sid Scala in a real competitive contest via pinfall. Bodom advanced to face Ryan Smile in the final of the Z-Force Championship tournament!!!

Chris Ridgeway retained his British Championship via pinfall vs PJ Black, after interference from Castle with Klondyke Kate attending to the referee! Klondyke Kate in the midst of the mayhem hit James Castle with the championship belt sending him reeling! 

Joseph Conners got the victory over 'Lightning' Lewis Howley who still had the hangover of losing in a British Championship match the night before! 

The Legion of Lords made an open challenge but no this wasn't to face another tag team, it was an open challenge to any ONE MAN in the back....up stepped 'Flex' Adam Maxted who via pinfall defeated the LOL bringing his weekend to 3-0! 

The Z-Force inaugural Champion was crowned as Smile faced Bodom.

After the bell Bodom attacked Smile in what turned out to be a mistake as with that Bodom's game plan went straight out of the window, Smile countered into an assault of his own with his aerial offence! 

In the surprise of the night Smile pinned Bodom in under 3 minutes to become the 1st Z-Force Champion and was joined in the ring by his adoring fans!





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