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Wrestling Event of the Year 2016


Event of the year 2016  

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My vote definitely goes to Wrestle Kingdom. Takeover Dallas was pretty special, but everybody knows the highlight was midway through with Nakamura/Zayn, Wrestle Kingdom was just a Big-Annual card presented perfectly. The match card, about mid-way through begins to order itself for you, very arguably (though Nakamura/Styles certainly came close) saving the best for last, and second-best for second-last etc. Just a hell of a show. You can argue the Okada/Tanahashi result was pretty telegraphed purely from the story they were telling but fuck me, if from bell to bell those lads didn't knock it out of the park and put on a tension masterclass. Nakamura/Styles of course was a bad-ass one of a kind match that had people salivating when it was merely written down on paper - it did not disappoint. Ishii and Shibata fucking MURDERED each other for the (brilliantly coined-phrase by air_raid) Hard Bastard's Championship. Then even further up the card; Kenny Omega and KUSHIDA fucking killed it in a tremendously fun match for the Juniors title - I dare say Omega's push this year was on the back of the strength of this showing here, and even the Gallows & Anderson v Honma & Makabe match was bags of fun. The first half of this show is fun enough, if a bit paint-by-numbers modern New Japan. the second half was just killer match after killer match. superb


didn't watch nearly as much non-WWE stuff as I'd have liked to this year but thats gotta take it for me

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