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Wrestling dreams


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I think I put too much cheese in my veggie burger last night, because I dreamt that I was watching some massively important PPV from Full Sail.

Christian, Eddie Guerrero & Daniel Bryan (it had been acknowledged both Eddie's death and Bryan's retirement were works) were cutting a promo on Steve Austin, "Sexton Hardcastle" (I've never seen Edge in this gimmick but I'm assuming it wasn't him dressed as an old man in the style of the guys from Jackass) and Homicide and they were about to have a 6-man. Christian was talking, Austin was frantically running the ropes. Then the crowd started freaking out, there was a bang and the crowd all rush the guardrail. A voice goes over the P.A. "please! put the gun down!", after about 40 seconds it dies down, the wrestlers completely no-sold it but you could see them whispering in each others ears. I then went online and the rumours were that the gunman was Roman Reigns, who had lost the previous match to Doug Basham, and as per, got jeered out of the building. Turns out Roman shot one woman putting her in a critical condition, threatened everybody else and then got shot four times in the head and neck by a cop, killing him. 

I remember coming on here to post about it, but you were all no-selling it and instead talking about how bad Chris Masters' promo was and that the Samoa Joe match was really good. 

It was all so fucking vivid, it really was something.


Ever had a wrestling dream as batshit as this? Please share

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