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My Wrestlemania Funding Auction Stuff - Tee Shirts

Chris Brooker

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I'm selling a few of the bits and pieces I've amassed over my time running Eros Comedy's various tours. Hopefully raise a bit of spending cash for my trip to Wrestlemania in March. Otherwise it's packed lunches and walking rather than hiring a car.

Here's what's currently on offer. Will be adding more as time goes on.

WWE Tagged Classics - No Way Out/Backlash 2000

Signed by Mick Foley

WWE's Best Of Monday Nitro Volumes 1 & 2
Both Signed by Diamond Dallas Page

Powerslam Magazine from August 2000
Signed by Mick Foley

All legit, all signed while the aforementioned gentlemen were touring under the Eros Comedy banner. Hopefully make enough to cover a decent BBQ meal while I'm in that there Texas.

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