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RCWA Presents Saturday Night Wrestling


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I think it speaks to the health and diversity of the UK wrestling scene that it seems no-one is talking about this excellent Essex promotion.


Part run / booked by Will Ospreay, RCWA runs in Rainham venues every other month. It's a family friendly show (not uncommon to have parties of pre-teens) in typical church halls.


I've been to four shows in the past seven months and thoroughly enjoyed every one. My whole family now goes. Ospreay gets the opportunity to show why he's such a great prospect and is the classic blue-eye. Their champion Joel Masters is a lump who seems to work snug, and they have a familiar but not overbearing heel boss character in Sam Weston. There's a host of semi-regulars who all look like they're having a whale of a time.


Last night was a culmination in a long story line of the former tag champs Make-up and Muscles (Priscilla & Chuck Cyrus) being forced to fight each other. The winner would get a title shot while loser-leaves-town.


Priscilla was on Boot Camp last year: a cross-dressing gimmick. Meanwhile Chuck is a wisecracking muscle head.


It followed a classic template of feeling each other out, moving into technical before being forced into some aggression which resulted in Chuck getting the win.


The aftermath was emotional with both guys breaking down. It looks likely Chuck will be next champ.


It's a fun, raffle-and-photos family show. If you're in the Essex area (or East London) I heartily recommend tagging along.

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