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UPDATED - Sponsorship Opportunity for UK Wrestling Company

John Matrix

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A HUGE thanks to moderator Chest Rockwell, for giving his consent to post this in the Britwres section - I know the realities of running a grass roots promotion, and hope to be able to help yours by way of the competition below.


Some time in the next seven days, the Be Water Creative family will have a new member!  


To celebrate this exciting time, I'm giving your promotion the opportunity to win a free poster, professionally designed, for your next event.


It's easy to enter, just follow me on Twitter (@LetsBeWater) and tweet the day and time you think our baby will be born using the hashtag‪ #BeWaterBaby‬


Closest wins. It's that simple.


I've made no secret of my desire to increase my pro-wrestling portfolio, so whilst the competition is open to all, the wrestling promotion closest will also win, and, what's more, as an extra incentive to give Be Water Creative a try, i'll throw in a free set of match announcement graphics giving you a complete promotional package for the princely sum of 140 characters.


So, what are you waiting for?  




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I hope Chest won't mind me updating this post, but I've decided i'd like to sponsor a UK promotion by providing a years free graphics - similar to the work i've done with Bury Saints American Football Club which has helped them on their way to an undefeated, championship winning season in only their second year of competition.


I do have some things i'd be looking for in any promotion I were to partner with, so If you'd be interested to discuss the opportunity with me you can reach me by:


Direct message

Email - mark@bewater.co.uk

Web - www.bewater.co.uk

Twitter - @letsbewater

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Just wanted to provide a bit of an update on this, and to verify that I did indeed go through with it.


Back in December, I announced details of a sponsorship opportunity for British wrestling companies. In the same way i've worked to raise the profile of the Bury Saints American Football Team, I was keen to support the domestic wrestling scene by providing a year’s free design services to an ambitious UK promotion.

The offer attracted interest from a number of organisations across the country, and i'm delighted to confirm I will partner with Pro-Wrestling:EVE to support the promotion of their events throughout 2016.

There were a number of options available to me, but EVE’s proposition was totally unique.   I’d love to work with all the companies who got in touch, but EVE's plans were so intriguing, it just stood out as something I’d want to be a part of. I’m keen to see where this thing goes, and relishing the opportunity to work with EVE to create an identity that becomes synonymous with female pro wrestling in the UK.


I don't know whether the EVE guys promote their shows on here anymore, but i'm really happy with the poster we've come up with for their next event.  As fans, workers and promoters reading this site, i'd genuinely welcome any feedback / suggestions.



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