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Few sets for sale

Magnum Milano

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I've got the following small sized sets of discs that I'm looking to clear.  Only one of each as they are my copies and postage is included in the price (and could cut a deal if you wanted more than one).


WCW Thunder 2001 (12 discs) £10

Reslo (10 discs) £8.50

WWE Confidential 2004 (9 discs) £8


The Reslo show is what aired on S4C and is Welsh language, and the listings for it are below (and was obtained from puroDVD.com a number of years ago).  There's a bunch of World of Sport guys like Breaks, Cortez, Rocco, Fuji Yamada (Liger), Saint and William Regal going by the name of Steve Jones!  The early shows also featured the occasional US match and match from Germany (CWA) too.



Shaun South vs Patrick Lopez

Robbie Brookside vs Lee Thomas

Franz Schumann vs Salvatore Bellomo (CWA)

Giant Haystacks vs Pat Roach

Drew McDonald vs Dave Taylor

Danny Collins vs Kid McCoy

Ricky Knight & Jimmy Ocean vs Tony Stewart & Gary Clwyd

Eddy Steinblock & Hercules Boyd vs Klaus Kauroff & Kensuki Sasaki (CWA)

Johnny Saint vs Barry Douglas

Hot Rod Andy vs Heidi Lee Morgan (FLAIR)

Boston Blackie vs Col. Brody



Bull Power (Vader) vs Otto Wanz (CWA)

Fit Finlay vs Kid McCoy (cage)

Pat Roach vs Ray Steele

Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose & Eddie Gilbert vs The Termionators & Mighty Thor (Windy City)

Richie Brooks vs Cool Cat Jackson (cage)

Mongolian Mauler vs Steve Jones (William Regal)

Steve Wright vs Moondog Rex (CWA)

Orig Williams vs Blondie Barrett

Kamala vs Jerry Lawler (Memphis)

Boston Blackie & Cool Cat Jackson vs Giant Haystacks & Klaus Kauroff



Richie Brooks vs Mongolian Mauler

Tokyo Bullets vs The Beach Boys (Windy City)

Curt Hennig vs Jeff Jarrett (Memphis)

Doug Somers & Buddy Rose vs JT Southern & Big Bubba (Fred Ottman) (Windy City)

Giant Haystacks vs Boston Blackie

Rambo vs Cannonball Grizzly (PN News) (CWA)

Col. Brody vs Steve Jones

Richie Brooks vs Danny Collins (cage)

Tony St. Clair vs Steve Adonis

Col. Brody & Klaus Kauroff vs Steve Jones & Orig Williams

Tony Stewart vs Kid McCoy

Devila vs Becky Clampett (FLAIR)

Fit Finlay & Skull Murphy vs Boston Blackie & Geraint Clwyd



Mark Rocco vs Tony St. Clair

Skull Murphy & Fit Finlay vs Orig Williams & Steve Jones

Kung Fu vs Mic McMichael

Tony St. Clair vs Drwe McDonald

Boston Blackie vs Keith Martinelli

Giant Haystacks vs Steve Regal & Dave Larsen (hc)

Shaun South vs Otto Wanz

Johnny Saint vs Kung Fu

Orig Williams vs Fit Finlay

Tony St. Clair vs Steve Regal

Giant Haystacks & Shaun South vs Boston Blackie & Robbie Brookside



John Kenney vs Jack Davey

Boston Blackie vs Yavus Selectman

Princess Paula vs Teenage Tracy

Fit Finlay vs Kung Fu

Princess Paula & Klondyke Kate vs Teenage Tracy & Naughty Nicky

Tony St. Clair vs Dave Taylor

Geraint Clwyd vs Jack Davey

Orig Williams & Boston Blackie vs Terry Rudge & Shaun South

Kung Fu vs Dave Larsen

Dylan Roberts vs Emyr Owen

Fit Finlay vs Danny Collins

Mark Rocco vs Tony St. Clair

Shaun South & Terry Rudge & Tony Francis vs Orig Williams & Boston Blackie & Geraint Clwyd



Fuji Yamada (Jushin Liger) vs Mark Rocco

Orig Williams & Kung Fu & Boston Blackie vs Bearcat Brody & Mighty Chang & ?

Chic Cullen vs Rocky Moran

Orig Williams vs Dave Duran

Tina Starr vs Lolita Loren

Rusty Blair vs Naughty Nicky

Lolita Loren vs Naughty Nicky

Orig Williams vs King Kendo



Boston Blackie vs Bearcat Brody

Wayne Bridges vs Rocky Moran

Mark Rocco vs Kung Fu

Wayne Bridges vs John Quinn

Gary Welsh vs John Kenney

Boston Blackie vs Mighty Chang

Naughty Nicky & Rusty Blair vs Tina Starr & Donna Marie

Kung Fu vs Jon Cortez

Orig Williams & Bryn Fon vs ? & ?



Chic Cullen vs Shaun South

Jim Breaks vs Johnny Saint

Dave Duran vs Chic Cullen

Klondyke Kate vs Angel McManus

Shaun South vs Johnny Palance

Klondyke Kate & Rusty Blair vs Tina Starr & Naughty Nicky



Dave Taylor vs Samson Negro

Rocky Moran vs Orig Williams

Dave Taylor vs Robbie Brookside

Tina Starr vs Rusty Blair

Johnny Saint vs Kung Fu

Kung Fu vs King Kendo

Kung Fu & Orig Williams vs King Kendo & ?



Kung Fu vs Chic Cullen

Kevin Conneely vs Monty Swan

Caswell Martin vs Max Regan

Orig Williams & Tony St. Clair vs Mal Kirk & Barcud Du

Johnny Saint vs Mike Jordan

Klondyke Kate vs Rusty Blair

John Kenney vs Johnny Palance

Orig Williams vs ?


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